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22 branches, only one number

058 211 21 00

Banque Cantonale de Genève
Quai de l'Ile 17 - CP 2251
1211 Genève 2

Fax : +41 58 211 21 99

CCP CHF12-1-2
CCP EUR91-518772-8

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BCGE Privé Account

The private account that lets you manage your day-to-day affairs in the most flexible way if you want to withdraw money from an ATM, make payments or check your balance.

For clients aged between 15 and 25, the BCGE Privé account gives access to the Portail Jeunes (Young Portal) which includes exclusive and regularly renewed non-banking offers.


  • Access to the whole range of traditional banking services
  • Available in CHF, EUR or USD
  • Competitively priced flat fee for account management. Free of charge for young clients up to 22 years old.
  • Free monthly statements with BCGE Netbanking
  • Free withdrawals from BCGE cash dispensers
BCGE Set   To facilitate your banking operations in daily practice :
  • Receive your income
  • Withdraw at ATM machines and pay retailers for your purchases
  • Make your payments and consult your accounts
  • Build up a savings balance

Solution is : BCGE Set

  • Composition
  • BCGE Privé account
  • BCGE Maestro card (1st subscription offered free of charge)
  • BCGE credit card or reloadable card (1st subscription offered free of charge)
  • solution for online payments BCGE Netbanking
  • BCGE Epargne account with the loyalty program BCGE Avantage service
Services on request   * For clients aged between 15 and 25, subscriptions for the main cards are free (excluding the Platinum card).
Rates and conditions  
Interest rates  
  • Interest subject to 35% withholding tax from CHF 200
Documents to be presented   Valid identity card, passport or driving licence
For minors, identity card or passport + earnings statement
Further information   Please contact your BCGE adviser who will be pleased to provide you with any additional infomation.

Exchange rates


EUR EUR Atm 1.236 
EUREUR 1.2485 cours euro en hausse
USDUSD0.9180 cours usd en baisse
GBPGBP1.5511 cours usd en hausse
YENYEN0.8879 cour du yen en hausse
EUR EUR Atm 1.2 
EUREUR1.1876 cours euro en hausse
USDUSD0.8407 cours usd en baisse
GBPGBP1.4090 cours usd en hausse
YENYEN0.8361 cour du yen en hausse

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cours action en baisse
Rating : A+/A-1/Stable

Volume traded 292 share

cours action bcge

Mortgage rates


2 years1.21%
4 years1.37%
6 years1.72%
8 years2.06%
10 years2.33%
Libor 3 Months1.27%

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