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Important safety information

New login pages to Online Solutions  

We will soon be modernising our login pages so that you can log in even more easily :


The Netbanking functions will remain the same.

Internet fraud

Switzerland is currently experiencing an increase in Internet fraud attempts.

Cyber criminals try to get their victims to send them personal login data such as passwords or a copy of their CrontoSign Swiss activation letter during the eBanking login phase. Click for more information.

Be careful and adopt the right reflexes :

  • Never reveal your access codes or a copy of your CrontoSign activation letter. Your bank will never ask you to provide this personal and confidential information.
  • Always refuse any screen or connection sharing if you are asked to do so by telephone.
  • The CrontoSign activation letter must be kept in a safe place and must never be saved in electronic format.
  • Never give the CrontoSign activation letter to a third party.

If in doubt, please log out and contact your bank as soon as possible.


By logging in, you accept the terms and conditions of use of the BCGE Netbanking.