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Banque Cantonale de Genève
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BCGE Garantie loyer Account

BCGE Garantie loyer Account

The BCGE Garantie loyer account is used to constitute the bank guarantee required by your estate agent when renting a flat, a house or commercial premises.


  • A useful service for individuals and businesses alike
  • A deposit which is secured throughout the term of the lease
  • An attractive interest rate
  • Account opening is rapid and easy
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The essentials

The BCGE Garantie loyer account is just what you need

The BCGE Garantie loyer savings account is a blocked deposit, constituted by the tenant(s), private individual(s), business(es),trader(s), etc.

It serves to satisfy lessors and estate agents for property (flat, house or commercial premises) rented in Geneva.

This product is opened in CHF in the name of the tenant(s). Management of the BCGE Garantie loyer account is free of charge.

A secured security deposit

The amount of the guarantee is blocked throughout the whole term of the lease. When the lease is terminated, the deposit can be released on receipt of a letter from the lessor or estate agent.

Account opening is rapid and easy

The BCGE Garantie loyer account can be opened directly in our branches. If needed, the certificate of deposit can be issued by your adviser within 24 hours.

Addition to a package

The BCGE Garantie loyer account is available for private individuals, ideally in addition to a BCGE Set.
Further information


  • The property being rented must be located within the canton of Geneva
  • The BCGE Garantie loyer account is an account which is blocked in accordance with the cantonal law of Geneva dated 18 April 1975 protecting guarantees provided by tenants
  • Fees applicable
  • Current rates

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