Helping young people to become financially literate: BCGE is committed

Young people should be aware of the value of money and adopt responsible behaviour in order to avoid becoming over-indebted. These are the goals of the initiative, created jointly by the Federations of Teachers of French and German-speaking Switzerland and the 24 Cantonal Banks.


The figures from the Federal Statistical Office speak for themselves and the findings are unanimous: in the age of digital technology and widespread dematerialisation, young people are getting into debt at an increasingly early age. In Switzerland, around 40% of the population lives in a household with at least one type of debt.


The keys to financial literacy

To help students between the ages of 12 and 15 improve their financial knowledge and budgeting skills, the FinanceMission Association offers Swiss schools an original and creative interactive solution.

A game and a teaching aid

This educational and entertaining tool is based on the curriculum for Cycle 3 (Secondary I) and, in addition to conventional teaching aids such as notebooks and accompanying booklets, also includes an online game "FinanceMission Heroes" together with a new online learning platform "FinanceMission World". These tools encourage young people to choose the appropriate financing and to calculate their budgets (i.e. to anticipate and plan their income and expenses) in a fun way.


A social commitment

As one of the participants in this ambitious and exciting project, the BCGE is committed to creating suitable conditions for school teachers to teach the basics of conscientious and responsible money management. However, this mission to raise awareness cannot be achieved without the involvement of parents, who also play a central role.

An information portal for parents... and their children

The website provides information, advice and tips to parents on topics such as pocket money, money gifts, budgets, debt, etc. These terms are familiar to everyone, but it is important to understand them and to implement them.


Knowing and understanding

To this end, the platform contains a simple and easy-to-understand glossary for the whole family with terms such as "money", "budget", "savings", "debts", etc. - terms that many young people use every day without necessarily understanding their meaning and exact significance.

Knowing the price of your desires and the value of things, makes it easier to finance them. In short, it is a lesson for life.