BCGE’s L’essentiel de la finance | Edition 2023 – Videos now online

BCGE’s L’essentiel de la finance sheds light on today’s economic situation and current behaviour, with the aim of broadening perspectives, enriching visions, deepening thought and thus contributing to economic, financial and social change in our environment.

The Banque Cantonale de Genève’s annual L’essentiel de la finance seminars focus on strategic themes related to major challenges and are presented by renowned speakers from all over the world to an audience of investors, managers and entrepreneurs.

The 2023 edition was particularly special because the convention celebrated its 20th anniversary.


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This year’s seminars were held from Tuesday to Friday, 19-22 September in Geneva. The main theme of the convention this year was the energy transition. Two seminars that were not related to this topic were also offered.

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To mark the occasion, each speaker gave a one-sentence summary of his or her topic, together with a vision of what it might look like in 20 years’ time. Mickaël Matthey, BCGE sports ambassador also joined in on the fun.


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