How to renew your business vehicles at an interesting price while preserving liquidity

The leasing of business vehicles allows companies to meet their specific transport needs. At the same time, they can preserve their cash flow and benefit from attractive conditions for environmentally friendly vehicles.

How to renew your business vehicles at an interesting price while preserving liquidity
Leasing is the best way to get access to new, safe and more environmentally-friendly business vehicles while benefiting from monthly payments that are lower than that of traditional credit.
The Banque Cantonale de Genève’s leasing offer is specially designed for companies and self-employed individuals operating in Switzerland. This offer comes with many advantages.

Free choice of vehicle and brand

Leasing is possible for a wide range of vehicles (utility vehicles, company cars, passenger cars, scooters, motorbikes, electric bicycles, etc.) and brands that the entrepreneur can choose himself. There are no application fees and no deposit is required. In addition, the lessee receives the invoice directly, guaranteeing complete transparency on the residual value

Preferential rate for eco-friendly vehicles

Last but not least, in order to support efforts towards responsible mobility, a more attractive rate is offered on the purchase of a hybrid or electric vehicle.

Quick approval and optional down payment

Self-employed individuals and company directors who opt for a lease will benefit from a quick decision process and rapid processing. The lessee can also choose to make an initial payment, though doing so is not obligatory. Like renting, leasing comes with the advantage of preserving liquidity, thereby providing a company with more room for manoeuvre. It's worth noting that monthly leasing payments are tax-deductible and allow VAT to be reclaimed.

Simplified application process

Leasing is available from CHF 2,500 with a duration of 12 to 60 months. The lessee must take out comprehensive insurance with an insurer of his choice for the entire duration of the contract.
An online platform featuring a simulator on the website allows entrepreneurs to make calculations and submit an application wherever and whenever, even on weekends. Furthermore, if need be, BCGE’s experienced specialists are available to provide assistance in order to optimally adjust the instalments to the company’s cash flow plan.