Invest online to optimise your surplus cash

Wondering what to do with your company’s surplus cash? Putting it into a securities portfolio is one solution that often proves profitable. A secure, easy-to-use and cost-effective platform makes this option particularly suitable for savvy entrepreneurs.

Company directors and CFOs looking to optimise their investments rather than let their excess liquidity lie idle can benefit from BCGE’s 1816 online trading platform. The platform is intended for private and institutional investors as well as corporate clients and self-employed individuals; it allows users to manage their stock market investments themselves, without an intermediary.

More than 12,000 equipped investors
With a range of traditional solutions such as cash accounts and term deposits, companies can build up their cash reserves by investing them wisely. How exactly should entrepreneurs do this if they want to make a profit on excess liquidity in the medium or long term? By building up a securities portfolio, as do 1 in 5 companies in Geneva. These companies manage their own portfolios in order to make a profit from their investments at a reduced cost.  In so doing, they can benefit from investing in shares of listed companies, in bonds or in other investment vehicles that are available online.

1816: four digits for a simple and cost-effective solution
Integrated into BCGE’s Netbanking and Mobile Netbanking, 1816 is a practical and advantageous trading platform, which makes investing for the purpose of generating either capital gains or regular returns easy. It is an optimal tool for taking control of your investments. Manage your stock market orders yourself, whenever you want – the platform is accessible 24/7.
The perks? The platform is easy to use, gives you increased autonomy in managing your stock market transactions, and provides speedy execution and competitive pricing. Not to mention its free and immediate access to financial information in French, English and German.

Invest online with a secure bank
BCGE’s investment philosophy reflects the belief that investing excess liquidity is best done only once reserves are well secured. This means the funds necessary for running a business shouldn’t be touched. The risk and time frame of each stock investment should also be taken into account.
BCGE advisers are available to support company managers or financial managers in this process and to answer any questions you may have about optimising liquidity, whether you are a self-employed individual or represent an SME or large company.