Act fast with the right digital tools: essential for an SME to succeed

When an opportunity arises, it is important to act within the hour. To do this, company managers must have effective solutions that will enable them to act quickly and flexibly.

Direct and secure connection: the first step

Whether a company manufactures products or provides services, administrative tasks such as invoices, receivables, payables, etc. need to be done on a daily basis. Companies need a direct link to their bank to simplify these transactions and optimise their cash management. Business link provides companies with a highly secure link from their financial software to their bank.

Choosing an efficient invoicing method to optimise cash inflow 

All business activities require the processing of invoices, whether they are to be issued, paid or received. The QR-bill provides companies with a standardised and reliable invoicing method. It incorporates a Swiss QR Code that contains all the payment information, so that the company can automate the reconciliation of incoming or outgoing payments or the monitoring of its invoices.
The eBill enables companies to issue digital invoices that are sent directly to their customers' online banking platform. The payer simply has to check and validate the invoices, thus offering a paperless and environmentally friendly solution.

Acting at the right time with the right digital solutions

Entrepreneurs need a platform that allow them to consult accounts and custody accounts, execute transactions and foreign exchange operations and even trade securities at any time. Alexandre R., an entrepreneur in the Jura region, tells us how he was able to carry out a major business transaction:
"While travelling on the train on business, I received a call about a rare machine tool from Germany. I had to make a down payment to confirm the purchase. I was able to make this payment instantly via my online banking platform. At the same time, I decided to do a forward hedge in euros via the integrated online solution for the payment of the final balance. I was able to act in a matter of minutes, thanks to the tools provided by my bank.”

Increasing visibility and turnover online

e-Commerce offers excellent opportunities for growth thanks to the range of possibilities it generates. There is a suitable solution for every type of business looking for a platform with a reliable payment system. BCGE has set up a centre of expertise devoted to assisting corporate clients with their digital requirements, so that digitalisation is synonymous with efficiency and not complexity. A meeting with the experts at the Business e-solutions centre enables entrepreneurs to create a high-performance financial and accounting system.