Bastion financial security

We offer you solutions to protect your assets in a personal meeting.

Safeguarding the confidentiality of your assets
Securing your Netbanking connection
Protecting your cards

Help us to protect your assets

We are your partner when it comes to protecting your assets and banking transactions. There are three key questions to bear in mind:


How to ensure the confidentiality of your assets in the face of increasing financial crime

Which part of your assets should be visible? How can you protect your assets from unauthorised access according to the means of communication used?


How to protect your Netbanking connection from sophisticated hackers

Do you know the safety rules for using the Internet for your banking transactions?


How to safeguard your debit and credit cards against fraud

Geo-blocking, spending limits, blocking... Do you know how to behave when using cards given the existing risks?


The Bastion security meeting

Your adviser is available to organise a Bastion security meeting with one of our security experts who will answer these questions according to your situation and thus enable you to optimise the protection of your assets.