Management mandate Best of

Best of management mandate

With a Best of management mandate, you can capture the performance of the best companies worldwide.

An investment philosophy based on the real economy and its companies
A wide range of discretionary management mandates to meet all needs
A multidisciplinary team managing your portfolio according to your objectives
A proven track record of more than 20 years and thousands of clients

The essentials

The Best of management mandate embodies BCGE’s investment philosophy. It captures the performance of the real economy and its companies and offers different profiles adapted to each investment strategy and objective.
A multi-disciplinary team is entrusted with the management of your assets and selects certain equity funds on the basis of a grid of criteria: quality, consistency and performance.
A discretionary management mandate is an important act of confidence. This is why we do everything we can to provide the greatest possible transparency and why your adviser will always be available to answer any questions you may have regarding this commitment.


The incarnation of a concrete and pragmatic investment philosophy

The BCGE’s investment philosophy is founded on eight key principles:

  1. Finance is an applied art and not only a quantitative technique
  2. Performance is produced by the real economy and its companies
  3. Good asset allocation is the result of critical and eliminatory choices
  4. The best investment stocks are found thanks to an open architecture
  5. A high level of diversification increases return and reduces risk
  6. A simple structure makes a portfolio more resilient
  7. The investor determines his objectives, his time horizon and his risk tolerance
  8. It is the investment philosophy that determines a portfolio’s performance, not the size of the bank or the individual talents of its managers
Management mandate Best of

Investment profiles perfectly suited to your requirements

It is through a worldwide approach that we select the best securities, while focusing on specific geographic regions for some specialised investment profiles.
The target objectives for the asset allocations in each profile are determined on the basis of our quarterly strategy. The actual portfolio structure may deviate slightly from this due to short-term market variations or to tactical decisions.

The BCGE works with the best international fund managers in selecting some equity funds, on the basis of a grid of criteria: quality, consistency and performance. The investment choice is made independently and neutrally.
The range of Best of mandates, comprising 24 investment profiles, is structured to enable you to achieve your objectives, depending on your risk tolerance profile, your time horizon and the chosen reference currency.

Choice of reference currency: CHF, EUR, USD and GBP
Reference currency: CHF (investment only in Synchrony funds)

The Best of ESG mandates are aimed in particular at clients who are convinced by BCGE's investment philosophy and the principles of the Best of mandate, but who also wish to apply a sustainability filter to the management of their assets. These mandates are managed according to the principle of open architecture and include both Synchrony brand ESG funds and sustainable third-party funds.

Reference currency: CHF
Responsible performance: A range of banking services designed to meet the highest ethical and environmental criteria.

Clear and transparent management

The fees for Best of mandates are either charged in the form of a flat fee covering all activities related to the management of your mandate (all in fee), or according to the performance of your mandate (depending on the amount and the profile).

You will receive detailed information on a regular basis, both on market developments and the situation of your Best of mandate compared to these developments, and also on the performance of your mandate net of fees.

Your adviser will get in touch with you on a regular basis and will be at your disposal at all times for any questions you may have or in case of a changing situation, as well as to arrange a meeting for an annual review.


Best of credit option

When it comes to setting up a management mandate, various elements such as the amount you would like to invest and your time horizon must be considered. To help you with any unforeseen project you may want to realise during this time, we can offer you the Best of credit which will allow you to benefit from a credit limit of up to 50% of the mandate amount. This credit can be made available on request within 48 hours without you having to change your investment strategy.

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