Payment slips (BVR)

Payment slips (BVR)

Using payment slips customised with your business name makes it easier for your clients to pay your invoices and for you to monitor the payments made.

Your accounting is fully automated and interfaced with your accounting software 
The processing of your invoices is simplified
The coding system used on the payment slips facilitates incoming payments

As of 1 October 2022, the BV/BVR, more commonly known as red/orange payment slips, will be replaced by the QR-bill in Switzerland.

For more information, please consult our harmonisation page.

The essentials

The introduction of payment slips enables you to automatically invoice your clients; it is intended for companies that have accounting software that is compatible with payment slips. 

Automated accounting

The orange payment slip enables you to automate the invoicing and processing of incoming payments. 
You simply give a payment slip to your clients, who can use it to pay the amounts that are due.
The advantage of the orange payment slip (unlike the pink payment slip) is that it includes a reference number in the line of coding that speeds up the processing of payments.
By downloading files directly from your Netbanking or Business link, you can carry out an electronic control of your client accounting, as part of a Netbanking or Business link contract.

A coding system which facilitates incoming payments

Thanks to the reference number inserted on the payment slips, the payments made by clients are assigned directly to the corresponding invoices, thus facilitating the processing of incoming payments. 
As soon as one of your clients has paid using the payment slip and the funds are received, you are sent a credit notification confirming all the payment details. 
If you include a reference number, this will speed up payment processing and you can manage your incoming payments online. 
The structure of the coding line to be printed on the payment slip is clearly indicated to you. The details of the coding lines are sent to you in electronic format. 

Details on how it works

  1. Your company issues an invoice directly from its invoicing software with your client's references.
  2. The invoice that is delivered to your client contains a reference number that is identical to the one registered in your invoicing software.
  3. Your client pays the invoice via his bank or post office.
  4. You download a payment slip file via Netbanking or Business link; it does not contain any reference (surname, first name) to your client but only the reference number of the initial invoice. The correspondence between invoicing and receiving the payment is done via your invoicing software.
  5. You can reconcile incoming payments via your invoicing software.

Further information

What you need:

  • A BCGE account
  • A payment slip contract in the company's name; the payment slip member number is provided by BCGE within 24 hours
  • Be equipped with software that has an interface with Netbanking / Business link for automatic data processing
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