Swiss Bankers Life card

Swiss Bankers Life card

Life is a prepaid credit card that can be topped up and is accepted worldwide

Cashless payments in Switzerland and abroad
Ideal for paying online
Budget control
Easy payments with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay and SwatchPAY!

The essentials

Accepted like a credit card

The Life card is accepted worldwide just like any credit card. It enables you to pay for your purchases in more than 36 million retail outlets in Switzerland and abroad and to withdraw cash from ATMs anywhere in the world. Conveniently, you can also use the contactless payment function in many retailers. 

Accepted by all online merchants, the Life card card is ideal for people who do not have a credit card or who do not wish to use theirs when making payments via the internet.

Paying through Apple Pay

The Life card offers you a new payment experience thanks to Apple Pay.
You can now pay with Apple Pay in most shops and in all supermarkets in Switzerland as well as in five million retail units in more than 70 countries. It can also be used in many ATMs and ticket machines - wherever MasterCard and contactless payment is accepted. 
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Controlling your budget

The Life card helps you to control your budget because you cannot spend more than the amount you have credited on the card. With the Swiss Bankers App, you have permanent control over your expenditure, your cash withdrawals and the balance on your card. You can also ask to be sent a notification, via the app or by sms, after each transaction.

Swiss Bankers application

Swiss Bankers App enables you to easily define the scope within which you want to use your card, and hence gives better protection. You can block your card directly via the application, without having to call customer services; in this way, your card will be blocked for payments and withdrawals. You can also decide to block your card for online shopping, contactless payments and also for online gambling. Lastly, via the application you can freely activate/deactivate the geoblocking function (which enables you to block your card for transactions in countries you do not intend to visit).

High degree of security

The Life card enables you to conduct secure payments on the internet thanks to the SecureCode function, which provides additional protection against any misuse on the internet. In the event of loss or theft, the card is immediately replaced with the residual balance.

Further informations


  • The Life card is available for clients from 12 years of age and above (issue conditions and limits depend on the client's situation)
  • Currency of the card: CHF 
  • Hold a private account or a cash management account with the BCGE


  • Annual subscription of CHF 45 (debited in year one on top of the amount charged, deducted from your balance in subsequent years)
  • No top-up fee
  • There are no fees on payments in shops in Switzerland or on the Internet
  • CHF 5 per transaction for cash withdrawals from ATMs in Switzerland
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