Swiss Bankers Travel card

Travel is a prepaid card that can be topped up, ideal for holidays or travel to withdraw cash in the local currency from ATMs worldwide and to pay in shops or on the internet. Lost or stolen? It will be replaced free of charge.

The Travel card is accepted worldwide, at ATMs, in shops and for internet purchases
The card is free, can be topped up in CHF, EUR or USD and has no expiry date
The Travel card can now be ordered and topped up at a preferential rate directly from your Netbanking
Easy payments with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay and SwatchPAY!

The essentials

The ideal card when travelling

The Travel card is accepted worldwide to withdraw cash in local currency at ATMs, or to pay for your shop purchases. It is simple and safe to use. It is issued with a customisable PIN code.
You can also pay using the contactless function on all PayPass terminals. It is simple and secure to use. It is delivered with a personalised PIN code.
You order your card and ass credit as needed in your Netbanking or at your BCGE branch. There is no withdrawal limit on the card, but you cannot spend in excess of the amount credited.
In the event of theft or loss, the card is immediately replaced with its balance, free of charge and anywhere in the world.

Travel cheaply

The Travel card is issued free of charge (no subscription). It is valid indefinitely. Top-up charges are very economical.

Greater transaction security

The Travel card is not tied to a bank account, which increases security should the card be lost or stolen.

Consult your card balance and your transactions

Log on to Netbanking, the Swiss Bankers App or call Swiss Bankers Client Service to find out the balance of your Travel card or the last transactions made.

Further informations

A card that is practical, everywhere in the world

Choose the currency of your card (CHF, EUR or USD) depending on where you will be using your Travel card.
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