Dialogue Winter 2020/21 is available

BCGE's magazine Dialogue offers both strategic topics on major challenges, and practical topics for managing your day-to-day banking activities.

Dialogue Winter 2020/21 is available

The contents of this edition

Your usual sections such as: Outlook, Geneva economic dashboard, Economy, A company in action, A municipality in action, Culture and society, Reader's corner

Detailed articles shedding light on current issues

  • Life sciences constitute a centre of excellence
  • in the Lake Geneva region: the 2020 economic study, published jointly by BCGE and the CCIG.
  • French-speaking Switzerland’s GDP 2020 – Training as a response to artificial intelligence: the publication published jointly by the 6 cantonal banks of French-speaking Switzerland.

Articles to answer your questions on financial and banking matters

  • Responsible finance: how to contribute without discriminating?:the editorial by Blaise Goetschin, CEO.
  • Which securities should be selected from amongst the nebula of financial investments? : the investment philosophy of BCGE, a conceptual choice at the core of efficient and disciplined asset management
  • Digital and mobile bank: BCGE enables you to make payments with
  • A smartphone or a connected watche.
  • BCGE, a bank organised by market segments: BCGE’s business model
  • Financing: the Swiss Pfandbrief® (mortgage bond) - rock solid
  • Corporate clients: business loan available online
  • Corporate finance: capital increase or mezzanine financing?

BCGE headlines

  • Asset Management: first conference Best of in live streaming
  • Relations investisseurs : Meeting with institutional investors in Zurich
  • Governance: New Head of Finance Division
  • BCGE network: Grand-Saconnex, a brand new branch
  • International: BCGE close to the Swiss living abroad
  • Values et convictions: interview with Eline Rol, rower, one of BCGE's young sports ambassadors.
  • BCGE partnerships and achievements