Dialogue provides macroeconomic and economic insights to address concerns BCGE clients may have

Dialogue, the magazine for BCGE clients is intended for individuals, companies, SMEs and multinationals, as well as institutional investors.

It offers its readers macroeconomic and economic insights, outlines BCGE’s latest news and commitments, and provides its clients with answers to their financial and banking questions.

This issue contains:

  • A word from the CEO: How to ensure the survival of our cantonal banks
  • The current year’s economic situation and forecasts for the future
  • Geneva economic dashboard: interest rates, price index, employment, the hotel business

  • An up-close look at the markets: The increasing importance of AI
  • In the spotlight: The challenges of outsourcing to Asia
  • Interviewing the CFO: Why should you have equity capital?
  • Companies: How to efficiently secure your import and export transactions
  • Financing: Making an informed decision on your mortgage loan
  • Pension planning: Is there reason to be concerned about the pension system?
  • L’essentiel de la finance BCGE 2023: Energy efficiency takes centre stage
  • Digital banking: BCGE expands its digital offering
  • Corporate culture: Recognising the Bank’s greatest asset – its human capital
  • A municipality in action: Satigny – A brand new start for the 2024 academic year
  • A company in action: Alcon, a company focused on the eye
  • Geneva, culture and society: Geneva’s historical trams are a testament to the region and its early 20th century economic boom


Dialogue is available from our branches in paper format and in a digital version on our website www.bcge.ch/dialogue.