Financing one's international activities simply and securely

The sale of goods or services outside Switzerland is by nature complex and subject to certain risks that need to be taken into account. Solutions exist to safeguard the operations of internationally active companies.

Financing one's international activities simply and securely

Ensure the smooth running of international business

Faced with a wide range of financial products making it possible to secure import and export transactions, being accompanied by a banking expert in order to select the right tools and ensure their simplified implementation enables business leaders to expand internationally. Banque Cantonale de Genève has been involved in foreign trade financing for more than 20 years and puts its experience of foreign markets and its knowledge of the various sectors of activity at the service of exporting and importing companies. The bank offers a range of solutions under the ImeXbking label grouping together various forms of documentary transactions and commercial guarantees.

Secure your cross-border activities in an optimal way

Through documentary credits (letters of credit), the seller receives a payment instrument from the issuing financial institution. The latter undertakes to make the payment against presentation of compliant documents. The exporter is therefore guaranteed to be paid against delivery thereof, according to the terms and conditions of the letter of credit.

Optimise commercial transactions

For documentary collections, the bank acts as an intermediary. For example, it presents the importer or its bank with documents mentioning the shipment of a good or a service on the exporter’s instructions. In return, it collects the amount due. Thanks to this service, both parties benefit from a simple and advantageous treatment. The seller is guaranteed that the documents, and thus the goods, will only be made available to the buyer against payment, according to the collection order.

Provide coverage for all types of services

A third solution is the bank guarantee, an irrevocable commitment made by the bank to provide, at the beneficiary's first request, cash compensation in the event of failure by a third party to fulfil its service or delivery obligation. The beneficiary is protected against the insolvency of his debtor and transactions are therefore facilitated.

In addition to these three fields of action, funding guaranteed by SERV*, Swiss insurance against political and del credere risks involved in exporting goods and services, is also one of the options that BCGE specialists offer their client companies.

ImeXbking therefore offers entrepreneurs crucial securing of payments and deliveries of goods in the complex global trade environment, through tailor-made solutions for each sector of activity and target market.

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