Frédéric Vernet will head the Finance Division from 2021

On the recommendation of the CEO, the Board of Directors has appointed Mr Frédéric Vernet as Member of the Executive Board, Head of the Finance Division, with effect from 1 January 2021. The Board of Directors thanks Mr Eric Bourgeaux, for his significant contribution to the Group since 2000.

Frédéric Vernet will head the Finance Division from 2021

Frédéric Vernet, an engineer turned banker

Frédéric Vernet is 46 years old and has an engineering background. He was trained in Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering and Robotics at IMERIR. He then obtained a Master's degree in Business Management at IAE in Paris. He began his career as a Project Engineer in a major consulting firm before joining BCGE in 2003. Over the last ten years, Frédéric Vernet has distinguished himself as the mastermind behind the bank's analytical reporting model and strategic plan in its original and influential design. The group's CEO, Blaise Goetschin, notes the following about him: "Frédéric is a precise and reliable leader. He is not satisfied with half-truths or half-measures; he demands quantifiable and near-perfect results from himself and his colleagues. He is a financial director at heart and his profile is fully in line with the requirements of modern banking".


Finance Division and CFO
The Finance Division is responsible for cash flow management and ALM in addition to the Trading Room, General Risk Control, Legal and Compliance, General Accounting and Reporting. Due to the challenges and constraints prevailing in the financial world, the CFO is a major pillar in any banking institution. This is particularly true in the BCGE Group. Finding a successor to Eric Bourgeaux has therefore been being prepared for a long time.


Eric Bourgeaux, a commendable track record

Eric Bourgeaux has provided decisive support to the CEO during his twenty years with BCGE. He is an experienced financier who has given the Group a structured, creative and robust finance department. He made a decisive contribution to the Bank's recovery after the crisis of the 1990s. He then worked to restore BCGE's position as one of the leading universal banks in the country. He ends this stage of his career with an irreproachable record that has earned him much praise and recognition in the banking community. The Board of Directors, the Executive Board and all the staff of the BCGE Group thank him wholeheartedly for his commitment.