BCGE has been sponsoring the Prix de l'Artisanat since 1999

The Prix de l'Artisanat, created in 1999, highlights the skills of a Geneva craftsman, his commitment to training the next generation and the transmission of his know-how.

Awarded under the patronage of the Association des Communes Genevoises (, the prize highlights the richness and diversity of Geneva's craftsmanship.

The 2021 Prix de l'Artisanat was awarded to Mathias Bieri, a cheesemaker from Avully, with representatives of the BCGE in attendance.

The young entrepreneur wants to raise awareness of sustainable production methods: to be fully autonomous in the production of cattle feed, to use crops that consume less water and to work with GRTA (Genève Région - Terre Avenir) certified products.

A film was made to present the winning entrepreneur on the occasion of the award ceremony.

Watch the video on the BCGE YouTube channel.