Occupational pension planning: an important asset for business owners

Whether you are self-employed or the head of an SME, it is essential that you analyse in advance the pension benefits to which you and your employees are entitled.

Pension planning as part of your corporate strategy

It is important to carefully consider and manage pension planning in an uncertain economic environment. Employers must ensure that their employees and their families have the financial means to cope with life's events, such as retirement, early retirement, disability and death. In order to do so, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive overview of the benefits offered in terms of pension planning.

Banque Cantonale de Genève has set up a Wealth Solutions expertise centre to assist the business owner in this process. Its experts offer advice on the planning and implementation of suitable and personalised solutions: tailor-made offers for active management of the company's own pension fund, support and advice on changes to the existing pension plan and advice for the management of complex financial decisions for the future.


Pension planning to attract top talent

If the company already has a pension fund, but would like to offer its employees supplementary benefits, an additional action plan can be designed. The concept is to obtain advice on how to improve benefits beyond what is provided for in the Law on Occupational Pensions.

Special workshops can be organised within the company to present the benefits of the pension fund. Employees can also be advised on how to optimise the management of their assets. Even if the employer already offers a very good pension plan, the employee can enhance it to suit his personal situation and wishes. A well-organised pension plan represents a competitive advantage and a real trump card when it comes to recruiting new talent for a company and retaining the best people.


Asset and pension planning for management

In addition to the level of pension cover for employees, it is also worth assessing the benefits that a managing director is entitled to and the impact these benefits have on the current and future structure of his assets.

In addition, the pension fund is a factor to be taken into account for a succession or the sale of the company. An in-depth and multidisciplinary analysis process is necessary in the event of a company transfer. It is essential to seek advice from a specialist in advance in order to obtain the best contractual conditions for the entrepreneur and the company.

Through the Praevisio expertise provided by Banque Cantonale de Genève, company owners and their employees can look forward to their second active life with complete peace of mind.