Advisory mandate “Jonction”

Advisory mandate “Jonction”

With the advisory mandate "Jonction", you benefit from professional advice and support while retaining your autonomy to decide on your investments.

A personalised follow-up to manage your investments

Regular financial information based on our studies

Expertise in the financial markets with the help of your adviser and our investment advisory team

Exclusive access to the market through our trading room in Geneva

The essentials

If you would like to be involved in the management of your portfolio and have asset management tailored to your wishes

You remain in control of your investment decisions while benefiting from the advice of specialists.
In addition to regular contact with your personal adviser, BCGE offers you another asset to enhance your analytical skills: access to the services of our investment advisory unit. Our experts complement the relationship you have with your adviser.

An even more comprehensive service

Together with your adviser, you define your investment goals, your preferences and your risk profile.

You are accompanied by experts

From 500,000 Swiss francs, our team of financial engineering experts are at your disposal to help you make the right investment decisions. Our experienced financial experts base their decisions on those of the BCGE Investment Committee.
They answer your questions and provide you with solutions to improve the risk/return ratio of your portfolio.


Your investment proposals

You will receive a document containing an overview of the asset allocation and a detailed view of all securities during the creation and monitoring phases of your portfolio. You will also benefit from detailed reports on your portfolio.


More information

In keeping with BCGE's investment philosophy, our experts continuously analyse the markets in order to select the best investment opportunities.

Together with your client adviser, you define your situation and your needs so that he can propose a suitable investment strategy, on which you remain the decision-maker.

We monitor your portfolio on an ongoing basis to ensure that it remains in line with your initial objectives. If this is not the case, we inform you immediately and propose corrective measures.

At least once a year, your client adviser will provide you with a status report.

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