Advisory mandate “Jonction”

Advisory mandate “Jonction”

With the advisory mandate "Jonction", you benefit from professional advice and support while retaining your autonomy to decide on your investments.

Advice based on a proven investment philosophy
Proposals adapted to your situation and your needs
Regular monitoring of adherence to agreed objectives
Transparent and attractive pricing

The essentials

  • Accessible from CHF 500,000
  • Personalised proposals
    Proposals are based on your investment objectives
  • Information
    Regular portfolio updates are provided by your client adviser
  • Control
    Our experts continuously monitor adherence to your investment objectives
  • Independence
    Our proposals are based solely on investments that meet our requirements and our investment philosophy

More information

In keeping with BCGE's investment philosophy, our experts continuously analyse the markets in order to select the best investment opportunities.

Together with your client adviser, you define your situation and your needs so that he can propose a suitable investment strategy, on which you remain the decision-maker.

We monitor your portfolio on an ongoing basis to ensure that it remains in line with your initial objectives. If this is not the case, we inform you immediately and propose corrective measures.

At least once a year, your client adviser will provide you with a status report.

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