Special offer - Savings for young people !

Open an Epargne Jeunesse account or a BCGE fund savings plan by 31 January 2020 and receive gifts.

Special offer - Savings for young people !

Gifts for the future!

Offer your children or grandchildren a savings account or a fund savings plan to prepare for their future.
In addition, BCGE offers them:
  • A deposit of CHF 50
  • A small gold bar

Epargne Jeunesse Account

  • Savings in CHF, EUR and USD at preferential rates
  • No account maintenance fees
  • Regular or occasional deposits
When opening a new Epargne Jeunesse account (CHF-EUR-USD), you will receive
  • a deposit* of CHF 50 on your savings account
  • a BCGE piggy bank

BCGE Fund Savings Plan

  • The funds are automatically invested in the Synchrony investment fund of your choice
  • Monthly investment from CHF 100
  • No custodial fees or brokerage fees
  • Opportunities for higher long-term returns
If you open a new BCGE Fund Savings Plan, you receive :
  • a small gold bar* weighing 1 gram and worth approx. CHF 60 (depending on the price) to be withdrawn with a voucher from

If you start saving early for your children or grandchildren you can:

  • Guarantee him/her a capital when he/she turns 18
  • Help him/her to carry out a long-term project
  • Offer him/her the comfort of a good start in life

*Offer valid from 1 December 2019 to 31 January 2020, limited to the first 300 Epargne Jeunesse accounts opened (CHF-EUR-USD), the first 200 BCGE Fund Savings Plans opened and is not cumulative with other ongoing offers. The offer applies to the opening of a new Epargne Jeunesse (CHF, EUR, USD) account with an initial deposit of CHF 200 and/or a new BCGE Fund Savings Plan with an initial deposit of at least CHF 500 for minors who do not yet have an account with BCGE. Only one small gold bar and one deposit are offered per client and are cumulative.
The bank reserves the right to refuse to open an Epargne Jeunesse Account or a BCGE Fund Savings Plan.