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Reaching new heights together

On the forefront of banking technology with secure, simple, and personalised services.
  • Netbanking
  • Online payment
  • Automated forex platform
  • Online trading
  • Mobile banking
  • 21 branches in the canton of Geneva

Day-to-day banking

A range of products to help you manage your income and transactions, simply and securely


Put aside something for a rainy day or to realise your future plans. Join the Avantage service programme, which gives you the opportunity to earn up to 2% additional interest.


Discover our full range of financing options, from mortgage loans and leasing to the BCGE Crédit projet personnel (project-specific personal loan).


Have you ever checked the health of your finances?

With Check-up, you can carry out an in-depth analysis of your economic situation in order to build your financial pyramid. During a one-on-one meeting with your adviser, you’ll identify any gaps in your financial profile and receive recommendations, in line with our wealth management philosophy, for improving your financial health.

Are you moving?

  • BCGE will still be close by, whether you’re moving elsewhere in Switzerland or even abroad
  • Practical. You don’t need to change banks
  • Simple. You don’t have to do anything. We’ll take care of everything
  • Free. You can withdraw cash free of charge at all cantonal banks in Switzerland
  • Personal. You can keep your current adviser
  • Here for you. Our global teams in Lausanne, Zurich, Basel, Lyon, Annecy, Paris, Hong Kong and Dubai are ready and happy to help, should you have any specific needs
See our I-Move brochure for details.


With a Best of management mandate, opt for a specific and structured investment strategy that captures the performance of the best companies and institutions worldwide.

How to efficiently secure your import and export transactions

The sale of goods and services outside Switzerland is by its very nature complex and subject to certain hazards that must be anticipated. We help comp...