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Day-to-day banking

A range of solutions that allow you to receive your income and manage your transactions simply and securely.


Saving will enable you to carry out your projects and be prepared for unexpected expenses. Join the Avantage service programme, which gives you the opportunity to earn up to 2% additional interest.


Discover our full range of financing, from mortgage loans to leasing, as well as our BCGE Crédit projet personnel range.


Have you ever checked the health of your finances?

With Check-up, you can carry out an in-depth analysis of your economic situation in order to build your financial pyramid. During a one-on-one meeting with your adviser, you identify any imbalances, receive a personal report with individual advice to harmonise your situation according to our wealth management philosophy.


With a Best of management mandate, opt for a specific and structured investment strategy that captures the performance of the best companies and institutions worldwide.


The social commitment of the Cantonal Banks