Pension fund savings plan

Pension fund savings plan

With the pension fund savings plan linked to an Epargne 3 account you have the opportunity to invest strategically to capture market performance and boost your pension capital.

A regular and systematic investment benefiting from market fluctuations
Synchrony LPP Funds are simple, diversified, and strictly controlled investment vehicles
Monthly standing orders enable you to automatically build up a pension capital
Once you reach the official age of retirement, it is possible to convert to Synchrony LPP A fund units (not pension-related)

The essentials

The pension fund savings plan for higher performance
A monthly investment in units of Synchrony LPP Funds enables you to benefit from additional long-term returns.

How wealth evolves for an investment of CHF 564/month1

1 This graph is provided for information purposes only. The information does not constitute an invitation or an offer to buy or sell securities or financial instruments. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Prior to any investment decision, investors must ensure that they are not violating the requirements applicable within their jurisdiction and must be familiar with the documents specific to the products concerned. If the currency in which the instrument or financial service is denominated differs from your own reference currency, exchange-rate fluctuations can cause the investment return to fall or rise.


The pension fund savings plan for more peace of mind

  • BCGE takes care of the investment, all you need to do is monitor the performance.
  • Setting up a standing order from your BCGE account to the Epargne 3a account gives you the opportunity to build up a pension capital systematically and regularly3, without having to give it another thought.
  • The investment is triggered automatically once the minimum amount required to acquire a part/parts in Synchrony LPP Funds is reached.

The pension fund savings plan for the best-laid plans

The pension fund savings plan is the ideal tool to anticipate and prepare your second active life. It means you can move gradually towards the objectives you have set yourself. The performance of Synchrony LPP Funds can even help you to realise your projects quicker than planned.
3 The transfer amount is calculated based on the limit defined by the law, the conditions related to the service and the type of investor.

Further information

The pension fund savings plan is accessible

It is available to individuals in paid employment in Switzerland and paying AVS contributions and those between the ages of 18 and 65 (64 for women) and up to 70 years of age (69 years for women) if still in paid employment.

Capital build-up is systematic

  • A monthly standing order is set up from a BCGE account to the Epargne 3 account
  • The amount of the transfer is calculated based on the ceiling fixed by law, the service conditions and the investor profile

Competitive rates

  • Administration commission : None
  • Account maintenance fee : Free of charge
  • The issue or repurchases of Synchrony investment fund units are executed without commission
  • According to the current pricing policy


  • Hold an Epargne 3 account
  • Min. initial payment of CHF 500
  • Min. monthly payment of CHF 100
  • A maximum of five plans per client
  • Selection of one or maximum two Synchrony LPP funds per plan
  • The plan is available in CHF
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