At the side of SMEs, the self-employed and liberal professions

Comprehensive and personalised solutions for SMEs, the self-employed and liberal professions

The primary mission of Banque Cantonale de Genève is to contribute to the development of Geneva as a business centre. It assumes its responsibility as a leader among entrepreneurs in all sectors, from local micro-enterprises to SMEs open to the world. Thanks to its specialised centres of expertise and its range of banking services, it is a key contributor to the success of managers, entrepreneurs and liberal professionals. 


A selection of accounts adapted to the specific needs of entrepreneurs. A wide range of simple and efficient digital services for the optimal management of corporate cash flows as well as solutions for optimising occupational pension provision.


The Banque Cantonale de Genève offers SMEs and the self-employed the right solutions for their respective real estate projects, whether it is the construction, renovation or purchase of a building.  From investment financing to cash flow management, it offers advantageous solutions to develop your business.


A range of services for building up your liquidity reserves and for short-term investments A wide range of investment funds, designed according to a sophisticated and sound management approach, is also offered for longer-term investments.


Through its Corporate Finance business unit and its subsidiaries, BCGE can offer companies a response to a wide range of strategic challenges, whether it is expanding the company, seeking new capital, managing financial risks, creating value or transferring ownership of a company.

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