BCGE Prepaid Mastercard

With the BCGE Prepaid top-up card, you can pay for your purchases in shops and on the internet cash-free, while keeping a tight grip on your budget. It is practical for everyday use and for travelling.

The safe and practical cash-free method of payment, enabling you to control your budget perfectly
The card is accepted in shops worldwide and online (3-D secure standards)
The ideal card for young people or for those without a regular income
The card balance can be consulted online at

The essentials

Numerous functionalities

With the reloadable BCGE PrePaid top-up card, you can pay for your purchases cash-free in more than 120 countries and in shops, restaurants, petrol stations, etc. You can also shop online securely (3-D secure standards). 
You can withdraw cash from ATMs throughout the world. 
You can top-up your BCGE PrePaid card according to your needs (minimum CHF 300, maximum CHF 10,000), using a paying-in slip or, more simply, via BCGE Netbanking
This allows you to determine the limits of your BCGE PrePaid card personally, meaning you only spend the amount credite to your card. So budget management is guaranteed. 
As a result, the reloadable BCGE PrePaid top-up card is aimed chiefly at young people for their travel needs or online shopping requirements, as well as at those without a regular income.

Greater transaction security

The 3-D secure standards allow you to shop online in total security. Your registration is activated as soon as you make your first purchase and becomes compulsory with the third transaction.

Online consultation of expenditure and limits

Register at and monitor your spending with your BCGE Prepaid card, as well as your limit status in real time. MyAccount is also available as a smartphone application.

Help at all times

As a PrePaid BCGE card holder, you are guaranteed protection in the event of loss or abusive use by a third party, assuming the conditions of use have been respected.

Further information

A card that is practical, everywhere in the world

Choose the currency of your card (CHF, EUR or USD - ideally linked to an account in the same currency) depending on where you use it. 
In the event of loss or theft, your PrePaid BCGE card will be replaced within 2 working days in Switzerland and within 3 to 6 days abroad.


  • Available from 14 years old
  • Free of charge up to 25 years old