Libor-rate mortgage

Libor-rate mortgage

The Libor-rate mortgage guarantees you a great deal of freedom by enabling you to modify the conditions of your loan or even to make quarterly repayments.

Very attractive short-term rates
Every quarter you can opt for a variable or fixed-rate loan
You are in a position to be able to react very quickly if interest rates start to rise

The end of LIBOR and the introduction of SARON

The essentials

A flexible mortgage to optimise your borrowing

The Libor* rate mortgage offers immense flexibility and carries one of the lowest money market rates. You are able to modify the conditions of your loan or even to make quarterly repayments. To get the best from it, we strongly advise you to closely follow the rates' trend on the financial markets. 
You can react very quickly to rises in interest rates by simply asking your adviser to transform your Libor rate mortgage into a fixed rate mortgage as from for the beginning of the next calendar quarter based on the rate on the day you make your request. 
In this way you optimise the rate risk by spreading your loan over a short-term rate (Libor rate) and a medium- or long-term rate (fixed rate of 2 to 15 years). 
* LIBOR: London Interbank Offered Rate

Further information

Minimum amount

CHF 200,000

Interest rate

The interest rate on your mortgage is determined based on the 3-month CHF LIBOR* rate, published each day in the financial pages of the leading daily newspapers. The interest rate is revised every 3 months, at the beginning of each calendar quarter. For current rates, please ask your adviser.


You can pay off your Libor rate loan or make a voluntary repayment of the amount of your choice at each rate maturity date.


In order to minimise rate fluctuation risks, your mortgage will ideally comprise a tranche based on the 3-month Libor rate, in addition to one or more fixed rate tranches.

Interest rates: trends and prospects (in French only)

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