Young graduates receive the 2021 BCGE “Prix de l’économie”

In keeping with its commitment to training young people, each year BCGE awards its “Prix de l'économie”.

This is an opportunity to pay tribute to the achievements of those who, having obtained a baccalaureate or commercial diploma, are interested in the field of economics.

The prizes are awarded by the colleges themselves to the graduate with the best average in economics, in the specific option of law and economics. For commercial diplomas obtained from the colleges of the 'Centre de formation professionnelle de commerce’ (vocational business training), the prize is awarded to the student from each school who has obtained the best combined average in law, economics and business management.

The winners were invited to BCGE on 30 September 2021 to receive their prize, a voucher of CHF 200 to be credited to a BCGE Epargne account.

A special programme was organised in their honour, with the participation of Eline Rol, BCGE sports ambassador, Ana Cujean, representative of the Department of Public Education, Training and Youth (DIP), and Christelle Didier, Head of BCGE branch network and business development.

The evening was organised around three key moments

  • A visit to BCGE online banking with its team of 30 specialists at the service of clients 7 days a week.
  • The award ceremony by Christelle Didier, Ana Cujean and Eline Rol, who shared her experience by talking about the demands of top-level sporting performance.
  • A relaxed and friendly cocktail reception.

BCGE warmly congratulates all the winners and wishes them every success in their professional careers.