The BCGE Set offers a combination of high-quality, useful and cost-effective services to enable you to carry out all your day-to-day banking transactions independently.

The complete solution for managing all your banking transactions independently
A flexible service model where you only pay for the services you need
In the first year, we will offer you the card fees for your Maestro and credit cards
The set is free for clients under 25

Contents of the BCGE Set

Available in CHF, EUR or USD. This is the essential account for your salary or other income and for making online payments. An attractive fixed-rate account maintenance charge.

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The BCGE Maestro card, ideal for your everyday purchases
  • Withdrawals from the vast network of cantonal bank ATMs are free of charge 
  • Preferential rate for your operations in EUR at BCGE ATMs 
  • With the multi-account function, you can make withdrawals from most of your other accounts
  • Cash paying-in facility, in CHF or in EUR, at all BCGE ATMs

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BCGE credit cards, a host of advantages when shopping or travelling 
When you go shopping, pay with your credit card – there are a lot of advantages: 
  • your electronic devices are guaranteed 1 or 2 years more, thanks to a guarantee extension*
  • you always benefit from the most advantageous offer thanks to the best price guarantee*
  • your new goods are covered against damage and theft for 30 days as from date of purchase, thanks to the shopping insurance*

Your credit card protects you before and during your journey 
  • cancellation cost and trip interruption* charges are refunded as the case may be 
  • medical insurance during the journey* gives you good coverage in the event of an emergency 
  • franchise insurance cover for car rentals* is automatically included when you rent a vehicle 
  • luggage insurance* provides cover against theft, loss or damage during your journey 
  • insurance for delayed baggage* covers the costs involved in buying clothes and essential toiletry items 

*The insurance services vary depending on whether you have a Silver/Classic or Gold credit card. In all cases, each insurer’s General Insurance Conditions mention the specific coverage provided. Detailed information available on

Order your credit card now and take advantage of the 1st year’s subscription free of charge.

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Netbanking, single point of entry for making your payments, consulting your accounts and executing your stock market transactions Consult the balance on your accounts…it’s so easy. Make your payments…it’s cheaper.

  • Check the balance on your accounts
  • Monitor your account movements, with the detail of each transaction
  • Make your payments, it’s easy, using an online assistant 
  • Create templates or standing orders to simplify the processing of your payments 
  • Receive, check and pay invoices directly on Netbanking thanks to e-invoices 
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Do your securities dealing directly online on various stock markets. 

  • Take advantage of preferential rates when buying or selling financial products
  • Manage your stock market operations independently
  • Access the world’s major stock markets
  • Execute your buy/sell orders rapidly on your favourite securities 
  • Take advantage of continuously available financial information 
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BCGE Mobile Netbanking application 

You will find the Netbanking functionalities on the mobile application installed on your smartphone or your tablet. You are permanently connected so you can follow how your assets are performing in real time and manage your operations rapidly and easily.

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The ideal account for building up savings for your medium and long-term projects with, in addition, an interest bonus of up to 2% thanks to the Avantage service 

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