Discontinuation of payment slips on 30.09.2022

The switch to QR-bill is mandatory for all invoice issuers who currently use payment slips for invoicing. Get ready and switch to QR-bill now.

Banque Cantonale de Genève will replace the current payment slips with the QR-bill.

In future, all clients who used to receive payment slips from the bank to pay interest, amortisation and/or any specific fees will be sent QR-bills. Only the format will change, as shown in the example below.


You can use the usual payment channels to process your QR-bills in:

  • BCGE Netbanking
  • BCGE Mobile Netbanking1
  • Payment software
  • Quick orders (drop off at a branch or send by post)

What steps should you take to pay your QR-bills?

No steps to be taken

  • If you use BCGE Netbanking
  • If you use the BCGE Mobile Netbanking app
  • If you send Quick orders to the bank (by depositing at a branch or by post)

Steps to be taken

  • If you scan the payment slips:
    • Obtain a reader capable of reading and interpreting the data in the QR-bill (ask your supplier for details)
  • If you use an accounting or payment software
    • Save all account numbers in IBAN2 format in your software
    • Check with your software supplier to make sure that the processing of the QR-bill is integrated into your software

Important information

From 30 September 2021, no new BVR contracts will be issued. You may either conclude a QR-bill contract or switch to eBill. To do so, simply contact your adviser.

From 30 October 2021, the production of pre-printed or blank BVRs will be discontinued. Instead, you can obtain QR-bills through the existing channels (internet or your adviser).

BCGE is there to help you

Should you have any questions regarding the QR-bill, our online customer service will be happy to assist you, whether you are a private or a business client.


1 For this channel, it may be necessary to make the first QR-bill payment to a given beneficiary via Netbanking. You can then execute the following orders for this same beneficiary via your app.
2 The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an internationally standardised account number format. It facilitates the input, transmission and processing of payment data.