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058 211 21 00

(Mon. to Fri. from 8am to 7.30pm)

Banque Cantonale de Genève
Quai de l'Ile 17 - CP 2251
1211 Genève 2

Fax : +41 58 211 21 99

CCP CHF12-1-2
CCP EUR91-518772-8

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  rapport annuel 2013
April 2015

The BCGE has held its Annual General Meeting, with 538 shareholders in attendance. They voted in favour of an 11% dividend increase, at 5% of the nominal value.

  siege2 bcge
April 2015

The BCGE has just placed an investment vehicle that will benefit from the upside potential of cantonal banks’ share prices, as well as a high level of dividend distribution (in French only).

1816 2015 action en
April 2015

From 1 April to 30 June, take advantage of our offer limited to the first 100 new users of the BCGE 1816 online market trading platform and receive a BCGE share.

  bcge esl angleterre
March 2015

BCGE invests in your future: participate in our great contest and win a 2-week language-course in Brighton, England (in French only)

  rapport annuel 2012
March 2015

Wednesday 22 April 2015 at 17:00, at Espace Hippomène
avenue de Châtelaine 7, 1203 Geneva

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EUR EUR Atm 1.052 
EUREUR 1.0624 cours euro en hausse
USDUSD0.9915 cours usd en baisse
GBPGBP1.5167 cours usd en hausse
YENYEN0.8213 cours yen en baisse
EUR EUR Atm 1.021 
EUREUR1.0105 cours euro en hausse
USDUSD0.9080 cours usd en baisse
GBPGBP1.3777 cours usd en hausse
YENYEN0.7735 cours yen en baisse

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Rating : A+/A-1/Stable

Volume traded 1401 share

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2 years1.18%
4 years1.18%
6 years1.30%
8 years1.45%
10 years1.74%

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