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In this section, you will find all the BCGE group's press releases.

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Press releases for the year 2017

Economy: economic forecasts 2018
Pick-up in growth with very moderate inflation

Geneva, 19 December 2017 – Growth is gaining pace in Geneva. In particular, the canton is being driven by a return of trading, finance, watchmaking and catering; it is expected to record a 1.9% GDP increase in 2018, after a gain of around 1.1% in 2017. Inflation is estimated at 0.7% in 2018. No shock is expected in the real estate sector in the canton. Nationally, economic growth will be at a comparable level. Long-term interest rates could start to rise slightly towards the end of 2018, linked to the European monetary normalisation process.


Digital banking
Launch of the avantageservice.ch platform: an upmarket banking tool for private clients and access to a very competitive loyalty programme

Geneva, 19.12.2017 – The BCGE is launching an innovative web platform aimed at private clients resident in Switzerland. Revolving around the savings account, there are online mortgages, personal pension schemes, investment funds and management mandates. These services constitute the “Avantage service” loyalty programme: the BCGE's excellence plan which enables clients to accumulate up to 2% additional interest on their savings accounts.


The bank receives éco21 certificate

Geneva, 29.11.2017 – SIG has issued the éco21 certificate for BCGE. It certifies that, as the "firm contracted in 2017", the bank has implemented the energy performance measures promised. The certificate confirms the appropriateness of the environmental responsibility policy adopted by the bank.


2017 Economics Seminar
Family-run companies: a long-term vision in a busy world

On 9 November 2017, BCGE and the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services (CCIG) presented their most recent study at their economics seminar.

On 9 November 2017, BCGE and the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services (CCIG) presented their most recent study at their economics seminar.

This event is intended as a forum to exchange ideas and information with decision-makers from industry. The previously unpublished study entitled Entreprises familiales: une vision à long terme dans un monde pressé ("Family-run companies: a long-term vision in a busy world") was presented. In the second session, five prominent figures outlined their vision of this topic before taking part in a debate with the audience.


Innovation in investment funds
Synchrony (LU) Silk Road Zone is well-positioned to harness the valued created by the new silk roads

Geneva, 31.10.2017 – Synchrony (LU) Silk Road Zone is an innovation in the world of Swiss-authorised investment funds. It takes an original approach that transcends the vague concept of “emerging markets”. It invests in companies from different sectors that are directly involved in developing infrastructure and services for the new silk roads.


A new fund to boost the 3rd pillar: the Synchrony LPP 80

The fund contains a high proportion of shares and is managed in compliance with the rules set out by the Ordinance on Occupational Old-Age, Survivors’ and disability Benefit Plans (French only).

Genève, le 20.9.2017 – Le Synchrony LPP 80, fonds contenant une forte proportion d’actions, vient d’être lancé. Il est géré activement dans le respect des règles de l’Ordonnance sur la prévoyance professionnelle vieillesse, survivants et invalidité (OPP2).


BCGE Group half-year results as at 30 June 2017
Strong increase in profitability

Geneva, 8 August 2017 – The Banque Cantonale de Genève ended its half-year with a growth of 23% in its operating profit which came out at a record level of CHF 65.6 million. Net profit was up 10% at CHF 47 million. All revenue sources played their part in this increase, particularly international activities. The cost/income ratio reached a good level at 59.8%, thanks to the growth in income (CHF 183.1 million, +8.2%) and the control exercised over expenses and risks. Profitability moved up in an ongoing difficult rates context: return on equity gained 25 basis points at 6.7% while the earnings to equity ratio increased by 130 basis points at 9.4%. Assets under bank management and administration rose to CHF 24.6 billion (+6.7%) and mortgage lending was up at CHF 10.6 billion (+2.5%). For the full year 2017, the Bank is forecasting a level of operating profit ahead of that of last year.

To view the results of previous years, please click here.


Payments via smartphone
BCGE Twint: a new means of payment

Geneva, 28 July 2017 – BCGE is supplementing its range of services through selective and secure adoption of new digital technologies. As part of this process, the bank is now offering BCGE Twint, a “Swiss made” application for money transfer between one user and another, accessible on smartphone. It also enables users to make payments directly over the internet or to participating retailers.


A rapidly growing brand of Swiss investment funds.

Geneva, 20 June 2017 – Synchrony: a brand controlled by the BCGE group now proposes 36 investment funds representing an investment volume of some CHF 2.2 billion. 3 innovations which target the best companies have been launched on the market this month.


Capital Market
Final conditions fixed for two subordinated bonds totalling CHF 200 million.

Geneva, 1 June 2017 – La Banque Cantonale de Genève (BCGE) has fixed the final conditions for two tranches of subordinated bonds. The first, a Tier 1 type bond (Additional Tier 1, AT1), for an amount of CHF 90 million, carries a coupon rate of 2.00% payable annually. The final conditions for a second Tier 2 type bond (T2), for an amount of CHF 110 million, carrying a coupon rate of 1.125% payable annually, have also been fixed.


New bond issuance
BCGE to stage investor presentations about Tier 1 and Tier 2 subordinated bonds to be issued in Swiss francs.

Geneva, 23 May 2017 – Together with its structuring adviser UBS and Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB), the Banque Cantonale de Genève (BCGE) is organising two presentations for investors towards the end of the month in Geneva and Zurich. Subject to favourable market conditions, BCGE plans to issue a number of Tier 1 (Additional Tier 1, or AT1) and Tier 2 subordinated bonds denominated in Swiss francs.


Evolution of the shareholder structure
BCGE - 14,000 shareholders express their confidence in the bank

Genève, le 17 mai 2017 - La Banque Cantonale de Genève (BCGE) relève avec satisfaction que le cercle de son actionnariat privé et institutionnel continue à s'élargir. Il vient de passer le cap des 14'000. La performance du cours en 2016, ainsi que l'introduction réussie de son action nominative unique en 2017, attestent de l'attractivité de l'établissement auprès des investisseurs.


GDP Romandy: one of Europe’s most prosperous regions

In 2015, the French-speaking Swiss region climbed into the top 10 of the most prosperous European regions in terms of value creation per inhabitant. With a gain of four places, from 12th to 8th position, it was beaten only by Inner London-West (City of London), Luxembourg and five other Swiss regions (Zur-ich, Ticino, north-west Switzerland, central Switzerland and Bern-Solothurn). Already since 2009, it has been ranked among the wealthiest regions of Eu-rope, as shown in an analysis accompanying the latest GDP growth forecasts for the Romandy region published today by the region’s six cantonal banks, in collaboration with the CREA Institute and the 100 Forum of “Le Temps”.


23rd Ordinary General Meeting of BCGE
BCGE - Approval of the dividend of 5.5%

Geneva, 25 April 2017 – Banque Cantonale de Genève today held its 23rd Annual General Meeting in the presence of 532 shareholders, representing 80.7% of the voting rights. The shareholders approved the 2016 accounts and voted the dividend of 5.5% of the par value of the shares. Three new directors have joined the Board. For 2017, the Bank is expecting the level of operating profitability to be similar to that of last year.

The General Meeting appropriated available net earnings. CHF 19.8 million were distributed among public, institutional and private shareholders. In addition to the dividend, it voted, in accordance with its articles of association, the payment of CHF 3.96 million to the State of Geneva to reimburse the advances made by the State for the operating expenses of the Fondation de valorisation (Special attribution to the State of Geneva). The pay-out ratio of 33.6% reflects the Bank’s wish to build up, year after year, a basis for continually increasing shareholders’ equity, so as to be able to finance its growth. BCGE consequently distributed a total amount, including taxes, of CHF 43 million to the public authorities in 2016. CHF 124 million has been paid to the public purse over the last three years.

Capital simplified and single type of share
Addressing shareholders and guests, Jean-Pierre Roth, outgoing Chairman of the Board of Directors, noted that "Thanks to its diversified business model, the Bank has been able to minimise the impact of adverse winds and seize opportunities as they have arisen on the markets. Hence, it has recorded a good level of development in its commercial operations, in both lending and asset management; its revenues have progressed, enabling it, despite a high cost base, to generate an increase in net profit compared to the previous year."

Jean-Pierre Roth also stated that "The capital standardisation procedure was carried out in February this year, which contributes positively to the attractiveness of the BCGE share on the stock market and enables the Bank to know the identity of its shareholders" (14,000).

Commercial growth on all fronts
Meanwhile, Blaise Goetschin, Chairman of the Executive Board, presenting the annual report, stated that the Bank was performing well: "Proof of this is the criterion of competitiveness, which measures the commercial efficiency of the Bank compared to its competitors. During the period under review, the Bank has improved its competitive positioning in its various markets. The balance sheet has expanded substantially, by 6.9%, in 2016. Mortgage lending has grown by CHF 400 million. In total, the Bank has granted CH 1.26 billion of additional loans to the business sector. Private banking activities have grown by 3.6% to CHF 12.8 billion. Institutional management has developed significantly, now standing at CHF 10.2 billion, evidence of the growing interest in our asset management on the part of Geneva-region and Swiss investors.”

Presentation of the new Chairman and election of two new directors
Three new members have joined the Board of Directors. The new Chairman, Professor Gilbert Probst, who was appointed by the Council of State on 1st March, was introduced to the Meeting. He succeeds Jean-Pierre Roth. Two new directors have been elected by shareholders, excluding the public authorities; they are Jean Olivier Kerr and Michèle Costafrolaz, who replace Josef Küttel and Ton Schurink.

Gilbert Probst, of Swiss nationality, has been full professor of Management and Organisation at the University of Geneva. Co-founder and Vice-chairman of the Swiss Board Institute foundation (Geneva), Vice-Chairman of the Swiss Institute of Directors for Switzerland (St. Gallen), he has also been Managing Director at the World Economic Forum (WEF). He has extensive private sector and entrepreneurial experience, having been, in particular, a board member at EPA/UNIP, Kuoni, Holcim, Schlaepfer fabrics, Alu Menziken and Acqiris.

Jean Olivier Kerr, of Swiss nationality, has broad experience in international trading in an agri-food multinational. Holding several high-level degrees in the agri-food area, his career has led him to specialise in risk management, strategy analysis and execution, management and leadership, particularly in organisational change scenarios. Having joined Cargill as a trader in 1980, he held various positions before being made, firstly, Manager with Cargill Europe, Geneva, then Vice-chairman of Cargill International, Geneva.

Michèle Costafrolaz, of French nationality, is a founding shareholder and director of MCT Audit & Advisory. Accredited senior auditor with the Federal Audit Oversight Authority, she is a finance and accounting graduate. During her career, she has held financial audit and business advisory roles in the accounting and finance field. Having started her career in external audit with Deloitte Haskins & Sells, she held several management positions in the company before becoming Managing Partner (Audit) with Deloitte SA, Geneva.

State Councillor Serge Dal Busco thanks Jean-Pierre Roth for his valuable contribution
Serge Dal Busco, State Councillor responsible for the Finance Department, stressed the fact that "Banque Cantonale de Genève is clearly in good health. This is visible in the increase in its net profit, the upward share price trend and its having topped the billion-franc mark in terms of market capitalisation. This sound performance means a higher contribution to the public authorities, which is obviously comes as good news to us and to all the canton’s inhabitants". The State Councillor concluded by warmly thanking the outgoing Chairman for his valuable contribution in the service of the Bank and the community of Geneva.


BCGE – Synchrony funds pass the CHF 2 billion mark

Geneva, 14 March 2017 - The assets under management of the Synchrony funds passed the CHF 2 billion mark for the first time on 1st March 2017.


BCGE – Gilbert Probst appointed by the State Council to the Chair of the Board of Directors

Geneva, 1st March 2017 - Gilbert Probst has today been appointed by the State Council to succeed Jean-Pierre Roth as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the BCGE. He will assume his duties on Tuesday 25 April 2017, after the Bank’s ordinary General Meeting.


Annual results 2016 - further increase in net profit

Geneva, 28 February 2017 – Banque Cantonale de Genève achieved very strong results in 2016. With net profit of CHF 79 million (+1%), profitability, in terms of return on equity (5.8%), is on the high end compared with its peers. Its strong competitiveness is clearly demonstrated by two indicators: mortgage lending, which exceeded CHF 10 billion (+4%), and assets under management and administration of over CHF 23.1 billion (+6% ). Equity topped CHF 1.3 billion (+5.1%). The dividend proposed to the General Meeting of 25 April 2017 will represent 5.5% of par value. In 2017, the Bank expects a comparable level of operating profitability to 2016.

To view the results of previous years, please click here.


BCGE – BCGE Best of claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®)

Geneva, 20 February 2017 - BCGE Best of has completed the audit process conducted by an independent verifier over a 6-year period and has received the report attesting its compliance with the GIPS® standards.


The BCGE 1816 online trading platform welcomes its 7,000th investor

Geneva, 1 st February 2017 - BCGE 1816, the Banque Cantonale de Genève’s online trading solution, has reached the 7,000 user milestone and manages assets worth in excess of CHF 430 million. It provides access to Swiss and international markets at even more attractive rates.


Conversion of BCGE's share capital
Introduction of the single registered share following the entry into force of the new Articles of Association

At the AGM on 26 April 2016, BCGE shareholders adopted amendments to the Articles of Association required for introduction of a single registered share. Following ratification by Geneva's Grand Council, the new Articles of Association came into force on 28 January 2017.
Each listed bearer share with a par value of CHF 100 will be converted into two registered shares with a par value of CHF 50. Unlisted A and B registered shares with a par value of CHF 50 each will also be converted into new registered shares (in a 1-for-1 exchange ratio). Each new registered share entitles the shareholder to one vote. Listing of the new registered shares has been authorised by SIX Swiss Exchange.

Economic forecasts 2017
Moderate growth, exchange rates stabilised and exit from deflation

Geneva, 20 December 2016 - Growth will remain moderate in Geneva. The canton has been impacted by the slowdown in the watchmaking sector; it should however see its GDP move up by 1.1% in 2017, after 0.9% in 2016. Inflation is expected at 0.4%. The canton’s real estate sector should not experience any major impact, despite a vacancy rate which will remain high in the office premises segment. Nationally, growth will be slightly more pronounced. Closely correlated with European monetary policy, low interest rates and exchange rates will remain stable.


Business advisory services
Dimension SA – Launch of PME 3600, a fast and beneficial business check-up

Geneva, 29 November 2016 - PME 3600 is a reliable and neutral analysis service enabling business owners to examine the overall issues in relation to their transmission. It is proposed by Dimension SA, a subsidiary of the BCGE and advisory services company for business valuation and transmission.

Capitalising on more than 20 years' experience in numerous sectors, Dimension SA is proposing, with PME 3600, an unprecedented valuation service. It comprises an overall analysis of the financial, legal and organisational issues associated with transmission objectives.

A comprehensive analysis within the reach of any business
PME 3600 performs a comprehensive overview, and in strict confidentiality, based on proven specialist expertise. Thanks to an overall analysis, the owner can then act on an informed basis and conduct, at the desired pace, the transmission he is committed to succeeding. PME 3600 takes the format of a series of meetings aimed at drawing up an analysis and a summary of the business situation carried out by experts from Dimension SA with the help of a specialist lawyer. A customised report, including a general assessment of the business situation, is then handed over to the client. This service offers the owner of the firm the possibility of carrying out a business check-up, prior to transmission, if he is uncertain as regards the issues and how to proceed. PME 3600 provides the opportunity for an initial concrete thought process without committing to the handover process.


BCGE - Group Management Appointments

Genève, le 18.11.2016 - The Board of Directors, on the recommendation of the CEO, appointed Yves Spörri to the Executive Board, with responsibility for the Swiss Corporate and Institutional Clients Division from 1 January 2017. Claude Bagnoud, a member of the Executive Board since 2000, will take responsibility for the Geneva Private Clients and Family Businesses Division from the same date. Jérôme Monnier, a member of the Executive Board since 2011, will join the Management Board of Banque Cantonale de Genève (France) SA in Lyon on 1 April 2017.

Yves Spörri, Head of the Swiss Corporate and Institutional Clients Division
Yves Spörri, who is currently Head of the Banking and Insurance Unit and of the Multinationals and International Institutions Department has been appointed to the Executive Board and will succeed Claude Bagnoud as Head of the Swiss Corporate and Institutional Clients Division of BCGE from 1 January 2017. An engineering graduate from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Mr. Spörri, aged 48, has been working for BCGE since 2001. A Swiss national, he has extensive professional experience in banking. "Yves Spörri has been a key manager in our organisation for many years. He has worked to raise our profile in the banking and insurance community in Switzerland and abroad. He has in-depth knowledge of modern finance and its intricacies, an essential skill in the eyes of his future partners," said Blaise Goetschin, Group CEO.

Claude Bagnoud, Head of the Geneva Private Clients and Family Businesses Division
Claude Bagnoud, Head of the Swiss Corporate and Institutional Clients Division since 2001, will succeed Jérôme Monnier as Head of the Geneva Private Clients and Family Businesses Division from 1 January 2017. From that date, the Public Authorities Department will become part of the Geneva Private Clients and Family Businesses Division. "A highly regarded banker within the regional business community, Claude Bagnoud will be able to reconcile the desire of Geneva clients for a bank that is human, accessible and always close by, with the demands of a market that is being revolutionised by digitalisation. He knows and loves our canton," said the Group CEO.

Jérôme Monnier, member of the Management Board of Banque Cantonale de Genève (France) SA
From 1 April 2017, Jérôme Monnier, Head of the Geneva Private Clients and Family Businesses Division since 2011, will, following regulatory approval, join the Management Board of Banque Cantonale de Genève (France) SA, which is chaired by Éric Wesse since 2013. He will be responsible for private wealth management, the distribution of Group investment funds and the development of a range of banking services for private customers in the French market. "With the experience he has built up in the highly competitive Geneva market, Mr. Monnier is well placed to move forward our French business, which has been profitable and growing for over 20 years," indicated the Group CEO.


«FinanceMission Heroes» wins bronze!

The educational game backed by the Cantonal Banks won the bronze medal for the Games category in the Best of Swiss Apps Awards 2016 (French and German only).

«FinanceMission Heroes» -jeu éducatif soutenu par les Banques Cantonales- décroche la médaille de bronze du Best of Swiss Apps Awards 2016 dans la catégorie «Games». Ce faisant «FinanceMission Heroes» se distingue en tant qu'«application remarquable, d'un aspect particulier ou faisant preuve d'une idée convaincante»


Strategic business advisory services
Dimension SA – François Kirchhoff joins the Geneva branch

Geneva, 14 November 2016 - Dimension, the BCGE subsidiary specialising in business valuation and transmission, is strengthening its Geneva-based team thanks to the arrival of François Kirchhoff, an experienced business banker and well-known personality within Geneva's entrepreneurial sector.

François Kirchhoff, an experienced and well-known banker in Geneva's business and SME world, joined the executive committee in Dimension SA's Geneva office with effect from 1st November 2016.
A lawyer by training, François Kirchhoff acquired Swiss Banking School certification. Having started his banking career in 1989, he began at the BCGE in 1994 and was appointed manager in 2001. He possesses an excellent knowledge of Geneva's business market, particularly SMEs, and over his professional career and private life has built up a strong network of contacts. He plays an active role in many local organisations and has a wealth of grassroots experience with well-proven banking and financial expertise.

François Kirchhoff, together with Eva Joss who specialises in assessing and conducting business sale and acquisition transactions, form an extremely competent team, able to respond to the needs of demanding clients. They provide entrepreneurs with the specific advice needed in the strategic phases: acquisition, sale, management buy-out or partial divestment.


Launch of ForXchange by BCGE, an online foreign exchange transaction platform for businesses

Geneva, 07.11.2016 - The bank's new online foreign exchange transaction platform enables spot, forward and swap trades (in real time) over extensive operating hours. It provides access to currency and precious metals markets, offering clients the best price, free of charge via BCGE Netbanking.

In a very competitive market characterised by extremely fast reaction times and rapid execution, BCGE is perfecting its digital offering. By means of this online currency trading platform, it is putting innovative and secure tools at the disposal of its 18,000 business clients.

Round-the-clock currency management, six days a week
The new product is mainly intended for SMEs and larger companies, particularly those doing business abroad, facilitating their management of online currency operations. Thanks to ForXchange by BCGE, clients can deal in the main currency pairs and precious metals at a reasonable rate; 14 currencies are on offer, including the franc, euro, dollar, pound and yen, along with gold, silver, platinum and palladium. They can execute spot, forward and swap trades, in real time, or enter limit orders. Operating hours are extensive: six days out of seven, as soon as a currency market is open, from Sunday evening at 11 pm to Friday night at midnight.

Transactions visible on BCGE accounts
ForXchange by BCGE is a personalised, "second level" service; it automatically offers the best price by giving access to market depth and addressing several bidders in line with the size of the transaction; it complements the services offered by the trading room. Unlike an online broker, the platform allows clients to hedge their currency trades, the proceeds of which they post to their accounts. ForXchange by BCGE was developed in close collaboration with Geneva fintech firm OLFA.


BCGE Paymit available: one step closer to digitalisation

Geneva, 21.10.2016 - The BCGE is progressively rolling out its digitalisation strategy. It is facilitating its clients' operational mobility by launching BCGE Paymit. Thanks to this application, everyone can, from a smartphone, send and receive money instantly, easily and free of charge. Directly connected to an account held with the bank, BCGE Paymit also enables clients to pay in some shops and restaurants.

The launch of BCGE Paymit is part of the BCGE's digital strategy which is aiming to offer its clients a multi-channel offer and innovative tools. The bank is developing its service offer by adopting new digital technologies on the basis of a selective, progressive and secure approach.

Payment transactions that are simple, rapid and free of charge
With BCGE Paymit, sending and requesting money takes no more than a few seconds. The associated BCGE account is debited or credited directly. Payment simplicity means, for example, that money can be transferred to someone else's account, received on ones' own account or borrowed from a third party. In some shops and restaurants, the payment function enables clients to pay simply by scanning the QR code of the desired product using the smartphone's camera. Transactions are limited to CHF 500 per day (with monthly limits). No transaction fees are charged. Security in particular is ensured by a code which is specific to the application.

To use BCGE Paymit, all that is required is a compatible smartphone associated with a Swiss telephone number and subscription to BCGE Netbanking, the system for accessing the BCGE's online banking facility. All the user has to do is download the application and register. As the Paymit application is tied to a banking institution, the user must first cancel any application he may have with another institution before downloading the BCGE one, otherwise an error message will be displayed.

Consult the website: www.bcge.ch/bcge-paymit-en


Half-year group results as at 30 June 2016
Operating profitability stable as business grows

Geneva, 9 August 2016 – The Banque Cantonale de Genève has confirmed its competitiveness and its pace of growth in what has been a difficult economic environment. Assets under management and administration have increased by 3.6% to CHF 22.5 billion, as have mortgage loans, up 2% to CHF 10.2 billion. Operating profit delivered a high figure (CHF 53.4 million) while net profit fell back slightly to CHF 42.7 million. Profitability, expressed in terms of return on equity (ROE), remained high at 6.5%. Shareholders’ equity rose by 1.6% to CHF 1.34 billion. For the full-year, the bank is forecasting a level of operating profit close to the 2015 figure.

To view the results of previous years, please click here.


BCGE – Blaise Goetschin on the 2016 best bankers' podium

Geneva, 22 July 2016 - Blaise Goetschin, CEO of the BCGE, has been announced as an award-winner by the Obermatt Institute in its selection of the best CEOs of the year for the fourth time in succession. He has become number 1 in the 2016 "Financial Institutions: Switzerland - Multi-Year Ranking" listing and is ranked number 3 in the "Top Ten Bankers" in Switzerland. This ranking is compiled on the basis of the key indicators of the BCGE's financial performances compared with those of similar institutions. This distinction, based on independently processed factual data, reflects the quality of the BCGE's strategic orientations over the long term. It also illustrates the real weight of bank players from the French-speaking region of Switzerland in the country's financial centre.


BCGE – The BCGE gives its support to local craftspeople with branch-based exhibitions

Geneva, 20th July 2016 – In the framework of its bicentenary, the Banque Cantonale de Genève is organising a series of exhibitions featuring the work of Geneva-based craftspeople. The exhibitions are being held in branches of the bank throughout the month of August in order to help enhance local expertise. Through this operation, the BCGE wishes to demonstrate its attachment to the know-how of the locality and its support for the Geneva economy.


A historical treasure hunt through the city of Geneva

Geneva, 1st July 2016 – In the context of the festivities celebrating its two hundred years of existence, the BCGE is launching a mobile application to enable participation in a clue-based game associated with the history of the bank, providing participants with a fun journey across the city of Geneva. The BCGE is the first bank in Switzerland to offer a trip like this using innovative beacon technology.

Please scann this QR Code to download the app

QR Code

Bank digital revolution: which priorities, what action plan?

Geneva, 28 June 2016 – In a constantly-evolving, competitive digital world, BCGE has extended its range of services by adopting new digital technologies gradually and selectively. It is aiming for a multichannel approach, providing customers with the right balance between digital interfaces and personal contact. The simplicity, security and cost-effectiveness of solutions remain central to BCGE’s business strategy.


The BCGE 1816 online trading platform welcomes its 6,000th investor

Genève, June 2nd , 2016 – BCGE 1816, the online stock trading solution from the Banque Cantonale de Genève, now has over 6,000 users and manages assets totalling around CHF 400 million. It offers access to Swiss and foreign markets at favourable rates.

Launched in April 2010, the bank's online trading platform operates under the name BCGE 1816, which is a reference to the year the bank was founded. The application is integrated with BCGE Netbanking, the e-banking solution that manages all accounts and payments. BCGE 1816 can be activated free of charge to independently buy and sell securities. Six thousand users have already subscribed to the service. They have free access to detailed financial market information updated online via the website and app, Yourmoney.

BCGE 1816: easier access to Swiss and foreign stock markets

With BCGE 1816, one can invest in Swiss and foreign securities via stock markets in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia (Tokyo and Singapore). Safekeeping rates and brokerage fees are very attractive. For example, they amount to CHF 35 for the purchase and sale of Swiss shares and may go up to CHF 25,000. Safekeeping service fees amount to an annual 0.10% per year, regardless of the domicile of the securities.

A business strategy based on three pillars

The BCGE 1816 platform is characterised by user-friendliness, an attractive pricing policy and operational strength.

In reference to the commercial success of the solution, Blaise Goetschin, CEO of BCGE, stated that: "At a time when quality and safety of portfolios are critical issues, it is essential to be able to keep one's assets in a safe country and in a dependable bank. The growing number of users of BCGE 1816 clearly demonstrate that these are two important requirements for Swiss and foreign investors".


FinanceMission - The BCGE commits to the financial competence programme

With the 23 other cantonal banks and in collaboration with the French-speaking teachers' union (Syndicat des enseignants romands - SER) and the Swiss Teachers' Association (Dachverband Lehrerinnen und Lehrer Schweiz - LCH), the BCGE is giving its commitment to promoting financial competence. The aim of the national project, 'FinanceMission', is to heighten the awareness of young people, encouraging them to adopt a responsible approach towards money and promoting their overall financial culture on a sustainable basis. To support the programme, an innovative educational tool is now available as a teaching support facility in the shape of the 'FinanceMission Heroes' game and the associated instructional aids (French only).


GDP in French-speaking Switzerland: upturn in growth for 2016

The latest forecasts published by the six cantonal banks in the French-speaking parts of the country point to a 1.4% increase in the region’s GDP in 2016 and 2.0% in 2017 (French only).

Après un repli de la croissance romande à 0,9% en 2015 à la suite de l'abandon du cours plancher de l'euro par rapport au franc, une amélioration de la conjoncture est attendue dans la région. Les dernières prévisions de l'Institut CREA publiées ce jour par les six banques cantonales romandes, en collaboration avec le Forum des 100 de «L'Hebdo», portent sur une hausse du PIB romand de 1,4% en 2016 et de 2,0% en 2017.


The Annual General Meeting approves the introduction of the single registered share

There was a festive atmosphere due to the bank’s bicentenary celebration (French only).

Genève, le 26 avril 2016 – La Banque Cantonale de Genève a tenu ce jour sa 22e Assemblée générale, en présence de 798 actionnaires représentant 90% des droits de vote. Cette assemblée avait un caractère festif en raison de la célébration du bicentenaire de la banque. Elle a été précédée par une allocution de Monsieur Serge Dal Busco, Conseiller d'Etat chargé du Département des finances du Canton de Genève. Les actionnaires ont approuvé la réforme des statuts relative à l'introduction de l'action nominative unique et les comptes 2015 et voté l'augmentation du dividende de 10%, à 5.5% du nominal.

Répartition du bénéfice

L'Assemblée générale a procédé à la répartition du bénéfice disponible. Outre le dividende, elle a voté, conformément à ses statuts, le versement à l'Etat de Genève de CHF 3.96 millions en remboursement des avances faites par ce dernier pour les frais de fonctionnement de la Fondation de valorisation. La BCGE a ainsi distribué une somme totale, y compris les impôts, de CHF 43 millions aux collectivités publiques pour 2015. CHF 351 millions ont été versés aux pouvoirs publics ces 10 dernières années.

Action nominative unique

L'Assemblée générale a accepté la réforme des statuts de la banque, changement induit par les modifications de la Loi sur la Banque Cantonale de Genève, votée par le Grand Conseil le 29.01.2016. Ces modifications visent, pour l'essentiel, à unifier la composition du capital de la banque en introduisant une action nominative unique. Les trois catégories d'actions seront remplacées par une seule catégorie de titre. Chaque action au porteur de CHF 100 de valeur nominale sera convertie en deux actions nominatives de CHF 50 de valeur nominale. Les actions nominatives A et B existantes seront remplacées par les nouvelles actions nominatives. Ces modifications statutaires n'impliquent pas de réduction de la participation des collectivités publiques au capital de la banque.

Les nouveaux statuts n'entreront en vigueur qu'après avoir été ratifiés par le Grand Conseil. Les actions au porteur ne seront converties en actions nominatives qu'après l'entrée en vigueur des nouveaux statuts. Les modalités de la conversion seront communiquées en temps utile aux actionnaires.

La BCGE est un fleuron de Genève

Devant les actionnaires et les invités, Monsieur Serge Dal Busco, Conseiller d'Etat chargé du département des finances du Canton de Genève a pris la parole immédiatement avant l'assemblée. Il a déclaré que : "La BCGE est un fleuron de Genève. Elle cultive des valeurs fortes. Je pense à la rigueur, à la conscience professionnelle, au goût du travail bien fait. Je pense à l'innovation aussi, et à son corollaire, la prudence, sans quoi rien ne dure.

Deux cents ans au service de la population de Genève

Le président du conseil d'administration de la banque Jean-Pierre Roth a, tout comme le Conseiller d'Etat, évoqué le bicentenaire de la banque: "2016 restera dans les mémoires. Nous nous souviendrons qu'elle fut l'occasion de marquer le bicentenaire de la présence d'une banque publique à Genève et que d'importantes étapes visant à moderniser l'organisation de la banque furent franchies. Certes, de 1816 à 2016, l'environnement dans lequel opère l'établissement public du canton a profondément changé: la population genevoise a plus que décuplé, les structures économiques et les réalités technologiques ont connu des développements que personne ne pouvait imaginer à l'époque. Mais le besoin d'un établissement public de crédit, avec son centre de décision à Genève, reste pleinement avéré."

Universelle et résiliente: une banque profilée pour la Genève économique de demain

De son côté, Blaise Goetschin, président de la direction générale, présentant le rapport annuel, a souligné que la banque: "construit son avenir en avançant sur quatre axes: élever son niveau d'expertise dans chaque métier par la formation et le recrutement de talents, élargir son cercle d'investisseurs privés et institutionnels et renforcer ses fonds propres, accroître son champ d'action géographique pour accompagner l'économie genevoise dans sa dynamique internationale et, enfin, innover afin que ses prestations de services maintiennent durablement leurs avantages compétitifs".

Compétitivité affirmée de la banque sur ses marchés

En 2015, la banque continue à gagner du terrain dans les crédits, la gestion de fortune et les activités de conseil. "Nous nous employons à servir les acteurs de l'économie genevoise dans leur développement local et international", a expliqué Blaise Goetschin.

Productivité préservée

Avec un cost income ratio de 60.9%, la productivité tient bien la comparaison avec les banques suisses de nature universelle et qui disposent d'activités internationales. Les charges d'exploitation sont bien maîtrisées, notamment en raison de l'efficacité d'un modèle de production axé sur la sous-traitance d'opérations et la collaboration avec d'autres banques cantonales.

Profitabilité élevée

En 2015, avec un return on equity de 10%, la BCGE se situe en première position face à son benchmark (un groupe de banques constitué d'instituts similaires: les banques cantonales de Bâle-Ville, Berne, Lucerne et Saint-Gall). La BCGE réalise aussi une performance supérieure à la moyenne de l'ensemble des banques cantonales. Dans l'absolu, 10% est un excellent rendement, en particulier si l'on prend en considération le niveau très bas du taux franc suisse sans risque qui est négatif en 2015.

Pérennité préparée

La qualité des revenus est l'un des facteurs-clés pour préparer l'avenir. Dans une économie suisse à faible croissance, avec des taux d'intérêt négatifs, le chiffre d'affaires total bancaire est en recul. Dans un tel environnement, il convient de protéger le niveau des revenus en diversifiant leurs sources. Des sources basées sur de nombreux métiers, sur divers marchés boursiers, monnaies et économies en Suisse et à l'étranger. L'activité internationale permet de réaliser 17.5% du chiffre d'affaires en devises autres que le franc suisse.

A la diversité des métiers s'ajoute l'impératif d'une diversification du refinancement, 35% de ce dernier proviennent des emprunts et prêts des centrales d'émission des lettres de gage, des fonds propres et des autres banques. La banque se refinance en grande partie par le canal traditionnel de l'épargne. Elle développe aussi son activité de gestion de fortune privée et institutionnelle pour collecter des devises et diversifier les provenances géographiques des dépôts. Cette qualité du refinancement sécurise la gestion financière de la banque et permet de remplir les exigences réglementaires toujours plus strictes d'approvisionnement en liquidités.

Perspectives 2016

La banque poursuit son expansion commerciale, malgré un contexte financier national et international incertain. Elle s'appuie sur la diversité de ses compétences et sur l'adéquation de son modèle d'affaires aux spécificités de l'économie genevoise. Pour l'année en cours, les perspectives restent bien orientées. Toutefois, l'érosion de la marge d'intérêt restera un point de préoccupation et empêchera vraisemblablement d'améliorer encore le niveau de profitabilité.


Nicolas Demierre, new head of Trade finance

As from 1st April, Nicolas Demierre is now managing the Global Commodity Finance business unit. This unit is responsible for international commodity trade financing (French only).

Genève, le 15 avril 2016 - La direction générale a promu Nicolas Demierre au poste de chef de l'unité d'affaires Global commodity finance dès le 1er avril, en remplacement de Philippe Terrier. Cette unité d'affaires est en charge du financement du négoce international de matières premières et compte près de 230 clients.

Nicolas Demierre a rejoint la banque le 1er juillet 1999 en qualité d'assistant gestionnaire Négoce. Il est nommé cadre le 1er janvier 2000 dans des fonctions de gestionnaire Négoce, puis membre adjoint de la direction, le 1er janvier 2005. En décembre 2010, il prend la responsabilité du département Commodity structured finance, poste qu'il continue d'assurer ad interim.

Nicolas Demierre est au bénéfice d'une licence en relations internationales de l'Institut universitaire de hautes études internationales (HEI), de Genève. Avant de rejoindre la BCGE, il a travaillé pour l'UBS puis la BNP (Suisse) SA, dans le domaine du financement du négoce international de matières premières.

Philippe Terrier a rejoint la BCGE le 1er juillet 1999 en qualité de gestionnaire Négoce et en tant que membre de direction. Il a été nommé au rang de directeur le 1er avril 2010 et a repris la responsabilité de l'unité d'affaires Global commodity finance en mai 2011. Philippe Terrier a pris sa retraite à compter du 31 mars 2016.

La direction générale félicite : "Nicolas Demierre pour sa nomination et remercie chaleureusement Philippe Terrier dont l'engagement sans faille a largement contribué au développement de nos activités de négoce international de matières premières."


A historical walk round the City of Geneva

The BCGE proposes an audio-guide for a walk through the city of Geneva, tracing the history of the origin and evolution of famous sites in Calvin’s city (French only).

Genève, le 31 mars 2016 - La Banque cantonale de Genève (BCGE) qui fête, cette année, ses deux cents ans d'existence, met à disposition du public un parcours audio-guidé à travers la ville de Genève qui retrace l'histoire de l'établissement et l'évolution de lieux célèbres de la Cité Calvin. Réalisé à l'aide d'un guide vocal virtuel disponible sur smartphones, le parcours propose à la collectivité locale de découvrir l'histoire des différents bâtiments qui ont accueilli les sièges de la Caisse d'Epargne, fondée en 1816, et de la Banque hypothécaire, fondée en 1847.

Un parcours anecdotique à travers la Ville de Genève

Dès le 31 mars, les amoureux de la Vieille-Ville, Genevois de souche ou touristes de passage pourront parcourir le centre historique de la Cité et découvrir les nombreuses facettes de l'histoire bancaire genevoise. Avec comme point de départ l'Hôtel-de-Ville, les participants seront guidés par la voix d'un historien de renom, Bernard Lescaze, qui les fera voyager entre les divers sites ayant accueilli les sièges successifs de la Banque depuis sa naissance. Le parcours d'1.7 km se pratique à pied pendant 40 minutes environ et termine sa boucle sur le Quai de l'Ile au siège actuel de la BCGE, construit en 1993.

Une innovation technologique mondialement reconnue

Pour son parcours, la BCGE a fait appel à l'application gratuite de visites audio-guidées, izi.TRAVEL, créé en 2013 par une équipe d'innovateurs néerlandais et un investisseur suisse. Cet outil, utilisé par la Ville de Genève lors de la célébration de son bicentenaire en 2015, est aujourd'hui répandu et facile d'utilisation ; il ambitionne de devenir l'outil mondial d'exploration de villes et de musées. La BCGE est la première banque à proposer une visite culturelle à travers cette application. Cette dernière peut être téléchargée sur les stores pour smartphones ou via le QR code suivant :

application gratuite de visites audio-guidées izi.TRAVEL

Annual results 2015 - Further rise in profitability and a dividend increase of 10%

Geneva, 1 st March 2016 - The Banque Cantonale de Genève, which is celebrating its bicentenary this year, has delivered very good results for 2015. Profitability, reflected in the net profit of CHF 78.2 million (+2.7%) and the operating profit of CHF 130 million (+12.6%), rose substantially in 2015. The bank has also enhanced its competitiveness with an increase in assets under management and administration together with mortgage loans which have reached new levels, at CHF 21.8 billion (+9.7%) and CHF 10 billion (+4.9%) respectively. Shareholders’ equity now stands above CHF 1.3 billion (+6.8%). The dividend to be proposed to the Annual General Meeting on 26 April will be increased to 5.5% of the par value (+10%). As regards the financial year 2016, the Bank is forecasting profitability to be similar to that of 2015.

To view the results of previous years, please click here.


The best shares in Geneva's economy, all in a single Certificate (French Only)

Genève, le 26 février 2016 - La Banque Cantonale de Genève lance le Certificat Tracker Geneva Economy Quintessence, composé d'un panier d'actions reflétant l'économie genevoise. Cet instrument permet à la banque de créer et d'offrir un accès inédit aux meilleures entreprises genevoises cotées pour les investisseurs. Cette innovation s'inscrit dans le cadre du bicentenaire de l'établissement. Ce produit est offert à la souscription pour les investisseurs, dès le lundi 29 février 2016.

Des sociétés à forte valeur ajoutée, établies à Genève *
Genève, ville ouverte sur l'international, abrite de nombreuses entreprises multinationales et entreprises suisses de qualité. Le cadre économique genevois exige, toutefois, une activité à forte valeur ajoutée pour les sociétés qui s'y installent et une gouvernance solide compte-tenu d'un cadre réglementaire strict. En ce sens, l'appartenance totale ou partielle à cette place économique est un indicateur de qualité et de sophistication. La BCGE a, ainsi, choisi d'intégrer dans le Certificat des sociétés ayant une activité significative à Genève (en termes de génération d'emplois et de rôle dans l'économie cantonale), affichant une capitalisation boursière supérieure à CHF 500 millions et étant cotées sur des grandes places boursières.

Diversification sectorielle et liquidité de marché
La composition initiale du Certificat comprend 22 titres appartenant à 12 secteurs d'activité. Parmi ceux-ci, notamment, les banques, l'horlogerie, la pharmacie, la technologie, l'automobile, la parfumerie et arômes. Le Certificat porte une attention particulière à la liquidité du marché et plafonne la pondération pour les actions moins liquides.

Exposition aux monnaies étrangères
Le panier d'actions du Certificat est exposé actuellement à sept monnaies différentes et rassemble des entreprises de sept pays. Le CHF représente une part d'environ 50%. L'USD se classe en deuxième position (environ 15%), suivi par la GBP (environ 10%). L'EUR se place en cinquième position avec un poids inférieur à 8%. A l'instar de l'économie genevoise, le Certificat est résolument orienté vers l'international tout en conservant ses atouts helvétiques. Libellé en CHF, de même que la distribution des dividendes, il ne couvre pas l'exposition aux devises.

Distribution de dividende
Le Certificat distribue intégralement les dividendes versés par les entreprises du panier. Le rendement brut du dividende est actuellement estimé à environ 2.8%.

Gestion active
Le Certificat est géré de manière dynamique en fonction de l'évolution de l'économie et des conditions du marché. Les simulations historiques sur les onze dernières années, effectuées sur la base du panier actuel, indiquent une performance de 12.6% par année, supérieur aux 6.6% du marché suisse (indice SPI) et aux 3.7% de l'indice mondial en CHF. La volatilité issue des simulations est de l'ordre de 18%, soit légèrement supérieure à celle du marché suisse. Le nouveau Certificat se profile comme un investissement de croissance avec un potentiel de hausse important. Il sera géré de manière dynamique par l'Asset Management de la BCGE. L'émission du Certificat a été confiée à la BCV.

Numéro de valeur : 31057987 (ISIN CH0310579872), sans maturité (open end), prix à l'émission de CHF 100. Période de souscription du 29 février au 21 mars 2016. Il peut être acheté auprès de la plateforme de bourse en ligne BCGE 1816 ou en s'adressant à son conseiller BCGE.


Banque Cantonale de Genève celebrates its bicentenary

Geneva, 21 st January 2016 - Banque Cantonale de Genève (BCGE) is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year. The oldest Swiss cantonal bank intends to mark its bicentenary with a modest, focused programme. This includes various activities with the aim of thanking all the stakeholders (particularly shareholders, clients, employees and the community) which contributed to its recent successes and its regained strength.

Yesterday: a long story *
The Caisse d'Epargne was founded in 1816 by philanthropists Jean-Augustin-Pyramus de Candolle and Charles-Richard Tronchin in order to help Geneva's population start saving. 1 January 1994 saw the birth of Banque Cantonale de Genève following a vote by the people enabling the merger of the Caisse d'Epargne (CEG), founded in 1816, and the Banque Hypothécaire (BCG), founded in 1847. In the 1990s, the property market in Geneva and Switzerland experienced overheating, then a recession. Like other banks, BCGE suffered serious financial difficulties. Thanks to State intervention and setting up the Fondation de Valorisation for the Bank's assets, it was able to recover. Since 2000, under the aegis of new governance, the Bank has been back on course. It has doubled in value, attracting over 13,000 shareholders and making regular tax and dividend payments. After disposing of all its assets on the property market, the Fondation was wound up in 2011. Over the last 15 years, BCGE has created nearly a billion francs in value for the community.
* Source: Bernard Lescaze, Historian

Today: a major player in Geneva's economy
BCGE plays a vital role in supporting and boosting the regional economy in line with its statutory mission. A safe bank for deposits, BCGE enjoys an S&P rating of A+/A -1/Stable. Its diversified shareholder base (72.6% public - owned by the canton, the city and the municipalities of Geneva – and 27.4% private) makes it a leading market player which is listed on the SIX Swiss stock exchange (code: BCGE). Today BCGE, the only universal bank headquartered in Geneva, provides a wide range of high-quality banking services to private, corporate and institutional clients: retail banking services, private banking, asset management, pension planning, mortgages and corporate and public authority lending, trading room, financial engineering, corporate finance and global commodity finance. BCGE plays a key role in financing Geneva's economy (CHF 13.7 billion), having paid out CHF 327 million to public bodies since 2005. Assets under management and administered by the Bank amount to CHF 20.8 billion. With its local retail services, the Bank provides the community with the canton's densest banking network (22 branches, five 24-hour zones and 132 ATMs) in addition to efficient, regularly updated online banking services (netbanking, e-brokerage, mobile app, etc.)

Tomorrow: a growing, diversified Group
27th-largest Swiss bank in terms of its balance sheet, it employs over 700 staff. It has branches in its domestic market (Lausanne, Zurich) in the private and institutional asset management segments. BCGE Group also owns Dimension S.A., Lausanne, a company specialised in business transfers and valuations and Capital Transmission S.A., Genève, an investment firm that provides private equity support for businesses and investors in business transfer and expansion operations (headquartered in Geneva). Its French subsidiary, Banque Cantonale de Genève (France) S.A., offers corporate finance and property services to businesses and self-employed professionals, in addition to wealth management for private clients. Located in Lyon, it has also opened branches in Paris and Annecy.

Overseas: a fitting business model for Geneva's international dimension
Through its representative offices abroad (Dubai, Hong Kong), BCGE Group is also accessible for international clients. The BCGE offices in Hong Kong and Dubai serve to represent the Bank in the Asian region and United Arab Emirates in terms of its main business activities, which include private banking, correspondent banking and global commodity finance. These offices give BCGE clients the benefits of a stable financial centre in political, economic and monetary terms as well as visibility of and access to these financial markets. Over 20% of the Group's earnings are generated in EUR and USD.

In 2016: a modest, focused bicentenary
The bank for all the people of Geneva, BCGE intends to thank, by means of a few tangible actions, all its stakeholders (clients, employees, shareholders, public authorities, economic players and groups, etc.) which have contributed to its growth and its regained strength. In order to do so, it has devised a programme based on four major themes: passing on the region's historical heritage, youth-oriented education, developing the local economic and industrial base, and Geneva's international influence. These themes will give rise to certain projects which will be announced in the course of 2016 via BCGE's communication channels (the "Dialogue" client magazine, the www.bcge.ch website) and the media. To mark its bicentennial celebrations, BCGE has created a specific logo which will be published on all its communication materials in 2016. The logo is built on three elements: the "fountain" which symbolises the harbour and embodies the spirit of Geneva, the "200 years" of the Bank's long existence and the "BCGE headquarters building" (quai de l'Ile), that symbolises an establishment serving the economy and is located in Geneva's centre.


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