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BCGE Leasing

BCGE Leasing

BCGE Leasing is a vehicle leasing contract for you as a private individual. It provides you with immediate access to a vehicle without prior investment.


  • A vehicle loan with no deposit (guarantee) and no administration fee
  • Preferential conditions for clean vehicles
  • Freedom of choice regarding the initial payment
  • Decision within 24 hours of receipt of the documents required
  • A bonus is paid at the end of the leasing period when the leasing has been fully repaid
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The essentials

The leasing contract for a vehicle for personal use

BCGE Leasing is similar to a lease agreement. It provides for the payment of a rent based on the price of the vehicle, the duration of the contract and the annual mileage travelled. This last point will determine the residual value (price at which you will be able to buy the vehicle when the contract expires).

Various types of vehicle qualify for this vehicle financing facility:
  • Private vehicles and light utility vehicles (new, demo and recent second-hand)
  • Scooters and motorbikes (new only)
The application is examined free of charge and no deposit or guarantee is required.

Preferential conditions for eco-friendly vehicles

Preferential rates are offered to finance new vehicles with low fuel consumption and which emit fewer harmful pollutants. The vehicles concerned meet the same criteria issued by the State of Geneva as regards taxation. Consult the "list of vehicles" which qualify for this offer!

Ease and speed of application

You decide on the initial payment amount, up to 49% of the selling price.

To facilitate your acquisition, the BCGE notifies you of its decision on granting a leasing facility within 24 hours of receipt of the documents required.
Further information

Interest rate

  • Special offer at 3.75% for "more eco-friendly cars"
  • Special offer at 3.90% for new, demo and second-hand vehicles
  • 7% for new scooters and motorbikes up to CHF 9,999 and from 3.90% above CHF 10,000


  • A leasing contract can be concluded with customers aged 18 years and over
  • Leasing period: between 6 and 60 months
  • Insurance: fully comprehensive insurance is compulsory for the whole term of the contract
  • The leasing payments are subject to VAT

Premature termination

To terminate the leasing contract prematurely, there are two possibilities:
  • Purchase of the vehicle with no interest penalty. Termination fees are fixed at CHF 200
  • Return of the vehicle against payment of the contractual termination fees
In both cases, the amounts are fixed according to the schedule which is an integral part of the leasing contract.

Cooling-off period

Customers are granted a 14-day cooling-off period by law. On the basis of a declaration stating that the customer has not exercised his right of withdrawal, the vehicle can be taken from the 16th day thereafter.

Borrowing and over-indebtedness

Credit approval cannot be granted if it leads to the consumer becoming over-indebted

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