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Cooperation agreement between the BCGE and la Mobilière

1st December 2014 - The Banque Cantonale de Genève and la Mobilière in Geneva have signed a cooperation agreement, whereby each company will recommend clients to the other.

The BCGE and la Mobilière have been working together for several years in the life insurance field. Keen to broaden their collaboration, the Agence générale de la Mobilière de Genève and the BCGE have signed an agreement to this effect. In this way they wish to provide their clients with a more comprehensive response to their needs in terms of banking products and services, as well as insurance. In order to simplify and speed up administrative formalities, comprehensive advice will be available to clients who require it. «I am delighted that we are able to deepen the collaboration. Collaboration with a bank, in order to provide our clients with a comprehensive advisory service, was something we were missing. In this respect, the Banque Cantonale de Genève is clearly the ideal partner», notes Denis Hostettler, General Agent with la Mobilière in Geneva.

Jérôme Monnier, member of the BCGE executive board, adds: «Comprehensive financial advice is the key service offered by banks, because nowadays, more than ever, clients want objective information with an overall view of their assets. The BCGE fulfils these expectations. While BCGE clients remain completely free in the choice of their insurers, the recommendation agreement signed with la Mobilière will broaden the range of services available.»

La Mobilière and the Banque Cantonale de Genève share many values such as advisory independence, strong regional roots and a unique understanding of client aspirations. The proximity and strength of the networks of the two businesses in Geneva are also extremely important factors and constitute one of the pillars underpinning this agreement. The BCGE and la Mobilière are convinced that this collaboration will be beneficial for them, but also for their respective clients.

The Mobilière Group

In Switzerland, one household out of three is insured at la Mobilière. The General Agency in Geneva, operating five branches spread across the canton, is one la Mobilière’s 80 general entrepreneurial agencies, geographically close to its clients and which can meet all their insurance needs. 95% of claims are dealt with in Geneva, by local staff: a guarantee of quality and satisfaction for clients.

In Switzerland and Liechtenstein, its domestic markets, la Mobilière employs 4,300 members of staff and offers some 320 apprenticeship positions. Founded in 1826 as a cooperative, it is the oldest private insurance company in Switzerland and has never changed its legal form.



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