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Banque Cantonale de Genève
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Launch avantageservice.ch plateform

Geneva, 19.12.2017 – The BCGE is launching an innovative web platform aimed at private clients resident in Switzerland. Revolving around the savings account, there are online mortgages, personal pension schemes, investment funds and management mandates. These services constitute the “Avantage service” loyalty program: the BCGE's excellence plan which enables clients to accumulate up to 2% additional interest on their savings accounts.

Integrating the best technologies, this site, developed with top ranking digital partners: Emakina, Swisscom, Appway, SERIAL and Network Effects together with the bank’s Marketing and IT teams, represents a new phase in Swiss bank digitalisation.

A new concept, because it’s all-embracing
The new site consists of far more than the now traditional online mortgage loan, even though it is a firm financing proposal, made in less than 15 minutes, which can be contractualised with a secure digital process. This solution offers a range of services with just a click, all of which can be opened immediately and with absolute autonomy. Targeting a personal finance profile clientele, this new site is based on state of the art technology. Provided that all the conditions are met, and that the regulatory framework is complied with, the services are delivered to the client in the comfort of his home almost instantaneously.

A competitive concept, because it’s participatory
The Avantage service loyalty program currently boasts more than 33,000 members, mainly based in the bank’s historical catchment area. This new distribution channel will enable the bank to communicate its business proposal to a broader audience country-wide. Nonetheless, while addressing a very specific segment, it is not targeting the Swiss retail banking market. In this way, the BCGE intends to meet the growing need for online solutions backed by a reliable bank for clients who are hooked on new technologies.

A complementary concept, because parallel to the bank branch network
People interested should either subscribe online, or be guided by branch or head office advisory staff. This is in no way an initiative aimed at reducing the number of advisors in the field, but on the contrary to enlist the support of a new ally for the bank. The bank has no intention of delegating customer relations to a machine, but to use proven algorithms in proposing a transparent offer, one which is available simply and rapidly. "This is not about the emergence of an anonymous, robotised bank”, said Blaise Goetschin, the bank’s CEO, “but we certainly are talking about a bionic bank which extends human capacities and competence using captive technology".

Avantage service website : www.avantageservice.ch
Avantage service Loyalty Program : https://www.bcge.ch/bcge-avantage-service-english

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