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BCGE Check-up

BCGE Check-up

The comprehensive BCGE Check-up service is aimed at structuring, protecting and enhancing the profitability of your wealth position according to your economic behaviour profile.


  • You get a global view of your financial "health"
  • You make sure you benefit from the main tax advantages
  • You set your financial priorities to achieve your objectives
  • You structure your wealth in a way that is best suited to your situation, so that risks are minimised and the profitability of your assets is optimised
  • You benefit from an innovative global advice approach
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The essentials

Organising and structuring your wealth

Have you ever thought about carrying out an in-depth analysis of your financial situation? Would you like to define the priority action to be taken to reach the goals you have fixed for yourself?
Your financial structure is expressed in the form of a pyramid, for which the bank has defined concrete recommendations. The basic rules to be followed are:
  • maintain a good level of cash;
  • minimise your financial risks with a savings reserve;
  • build your financial independence for a comfortable retirement;
  • invest the surplus of your wealth in the best investment vehicles worldwide;
  • finance your personal projects without exceeding your total borrowing capacity.

Advice philosophy

To advise and help you through the major financial decisions in your life, Banque Cantonale de Genève has developed a wealth philosophy that allows everyone to balance their economic situation and harmonise it with their financial means, taking account of their inclinations, their personal projects, and the stage of life they are at.

How the BCGE Check-up works

During the interview, all the main aspects of your financial situation are dealt with. The focus is on balancing your short-term liquidity and long-term investments, your savings and pension needs, and the tax optimisation possibilities linked to them. In line with several criteria, such as your economic profile, age, income and savings capacity, your Banque Cantonale de Genève adviser will give you clear-cut answers that will help make your plans a reality.
Further information


The BCGE Check-up global advice service is free and implies no commitment on your part.

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