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Banque Cantonale de Genève
Quai de l'Ile 17 - CP 2251
1211 Genève 2

Fax : +41 58 211 21 99

CCP CHF12-1-2
CCP EUR91-518772-8
GIIN:   CGGLK0.00000.LE.756

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Legal information

The website of the Banque Cantonale de Genève (hereinafter "the website", "the Bank") is not intended for physical or moral persons who, by virtue of their nationality or place of residence, or for any other reason, are subject to jurisdictions which prohibit or restrict its use, e.g. Italy, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom or the United States. The site must not, therefore, be used by such persons.

Other persons using the Bank website accept the following rules.

This notice and the rules contained in this document are intended for all users of the website. The BCGE Netbanking Conditions of use are intended for persons who have subscribed to BCGE Netbanking.

Exclusion from warranty

The Bank does not guarantee that the information on its website is accurate, exhaustive or up-to-date. It reserves the right to change it at any time and without prior notice.

Inasmuch as it is not possible to guarantee absolutely the security or reliability of Internet transmissions, the Bank does not guarantee that data will be transmitted free of errors, nor that information on the website will not have been altered as a result of technical faults, breakdowns or illicit interventions by third parties on the Internet.

The Bank takes measures to ensure that the contents of its website do not contain computer viruses, but Internet users must take all necessary measures to protect their computers, such as installing and regularly updating a virus detection program, as well as backing up their computer data. The Bank takes no responsibility for the damage users could suffer when they visit the website, as a result of their not having taken these basic precautions.


The general conditions of use and other documents accessible on the present website are for indicative purposes only and do not commit the Bank; they do not constitute further commitments of a contractual nature, in particular they are not a contractual offer. Only the versions in writing and on paper available on application at all Bank counters are valid, except for the BCGE Netbanking Conditions of use, which are published directly on the website.

Absence of offer or recommendation

The information on the website must not be interpreted as an offer or recommendation to purchase or sell stock market assets, nor as an offer to provide services mentioned on the present website, nor again as investment or other advice.

The services, investment funds or investments mentioned on the website are not intended for persons under the jurisdiction of a state the current legislation or regulations of which forbids access to such information.


All component parts of the website are the sole property of the Bank, subject to rights belonging to third parties. Any copying, reproduction or use of the photographs, illustrations and graphics, or any reproduction of the page layout as appears on the website, as well as any copying or reproduction in full or in part of the texts on the website are strictly prohibited, unless expressly authorised in writing by the rightful owner.

Any reproduction or use, for any purpose, of trademarks in a textual, graphic or combined form (such as logos) registered by the Bank or of which it is a beneficiary is also prohibited, unless expressly authorised in writing by the rightful owner.

"BCGE", "Banque Cantonale de Genève", etc, are registered trademarks of the Bank.

Linked sites

The Bank does not accept responsibility for the content of other sites linked to the present website.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The law applicable to the current legal information is Swiss law excluding the conflict of law rules.

The place of jurisdiction in the event of any dispute in respect of the website or its use is Geneva.


Internet charter : processing of personal data

General Bank policy

The Bank is aware of the importance of keeping strictly confidential all information supplied to it online, regarding its own clients or in respect of Internet users visiting its website.

The Bank urges the user to read in its entirety the present Charter regarding the respect of privacy (hereinafter “the Charter”) so as to be informed as to how the Bank collects, uses and protects personal information with which the user provides it via its official website or which can be accessed there by the rightful owners.

Registration of personal data

The Bank may use cookies on its official website in order to offer users a personal welcome, taking account of their visiting habits, and to effect a follow-up regarding their personal data. Cookies also allow the Bank to provide preventive security for its website and for the users' data (particularly by means of information relating to the server to which their computer is connected).

The Bank memorises certain information regarding the machine of the website user (browser used, machine operating system, etc) as well as visitors' IP addresses (the IP address consists of a series of numbers automatically assigned to your computer by your Internet service provider or your company's Internet server at the start of each Internet session). The Bank's aim in collecting this data is to be able to gather information on the use of the website and its performance.

The Bank undertakes to advise Internet users of any change in its practices by means of an update of the present Charter. They should consult it regularly.

Other personal data are collected online expressly when users register in order to have access to certain Bank services, particularly to certain protected areas on the website to which access is limited to Internet users fulfilling the prescribed conditions. Registration gives the Bank the opportunity to collect basic information such as, notably, first name, surname, postal address, e-mail address, and telephone, fax and mobile numbers.

The Bank also reserves the right to save surnames, first names, e-mail addresses and the contents of correspondence of all those sending e-mails to a Bank employee or to the website manager, in order to be able to reply to them or inform them of the progress of their application.

The information required by the Bank at the time of online registration for a specific Bank service is limited to the information necessary for the Bank to provide the best service and follow-up possible. Information that is required is clearly indicated by an asterisk(*) at the beginning of the name of the field to be filled in.

Use of personal data

The goal pursued by the Bank through the collection of personal data is to be able to offer personalised access to its official website to its clients and Internet users who wish to benefit from some of its online services.

If users expressly so wish, the Bank will use their e-mail addresses to keep them informed of new offers or send information which might be of interest to them. Users may, however, terminate these e-mails at any time, by clicking in a field inserted into each of these messages: the step-by-step procedure for withdrawal from the subscriber list will then be given.

Distribution of personal data – confidentiality

The Bank communicates personal data in its possession neither to its subsidiaries nor to any other third parties, for any reason or in any form whatsoever. Nonetheless, the Bank reserves the right to draw up statistics on the basis of these non-banking data, and to make the results publicly available; in this case, the data will be presented in a strictly anonymous and compiled form, which will not allow the specific persons concerned to be identified.

As regards banking data accessible online by clients having subscribed to BCGE Netbanking services, the communication of these data remains subject to the BCGE Netbanking Conditions of use. These data will not be accessible to third parties.

Within the framework of BCGE Netbanking, personal data are accessible only by the Bank and by the contractually authorised person. The Bank protects access to these data by means of security measures adapted to the confidentiality of the data to be protected.

These measures that have been put in place, and the security regulations to be adhered to by contractually authorised persons, are set out in the BCGE Netbanking Conditions of use: the persons contractually authorised undertake to consult them.

Possible data transmission abroad

Your personal data is stored and processed in Switzerland but may also be stored and used in other countries (it being understood that some of these locations potentially include countries that do not necessarily guarantee the same level of data protection as the country from which you provided the data). By submitting your data to us, you specifically agree to this transfer and the ongoing consequences.

Right of access and correction

In compliance with the Federal Law of 19 June 1992 on data protection, all interested parties may, by sending a written and signed request to the Bank, request that they be sent by post all the data that concern them; if such data are no longer up-to-date or are found to be inaccurate, or incomplete, the person concerned may ask the Bank consequently to alter the data in respect of them. They may equally at any time request that the data be deleted, subject to other legal obligations.

Non-responsibility clause

The Bank accepts no responsibility in the event of users' failing to observe general security advice (such as installing anti-virus software and regularly updating it, etc). Failure to observe these rules may engage the responsibility of users vis-à-vis the Bank and its clients if their attitude leads to a breach in the security measures put in place on the Bank's website.

The Bank is not responsible for inaccuracies concerning personal data if these errors are due to erroneous information being supplied by users. In the case of inaccuracy for other reasons, the Bank's responsibility is limited exclusively to allowing users right of access and to the correction by them of personal data, such as described in “Right of access and correction”.

The updating of personal data on the Bank's system is the responsibility of users. They are expected to take the initiative in providing information regarding any change of address or telephone number if they wish to benefit from the services for which they are registered.

Although it makes every effort to protect personal data, the Bank is not responsible for the security of personal data transmitted to it over the Internet, to the extent it is not possible to totally guarantee security of Internet transmissions. Such data is transmitted at the users' risk. On the other hand, the Bank takes all steps to ensure that data are confidential from the moment they enter its system.

As regards banking data proper and their online accessibility to clients who have subscribed to BCGE Netbanking, the Conditions of use of BCGE Netbanking are subject to terms and conditions, especially concerning exemption in the case of non-compliance with security rules specifically applicable in this context.

Except in cases of fraud or gross negligence, the Bank cannot be held responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, derivative damage, including, among others, damages for lost profits, loss of goodwill, enjoyment , data or other intangible losses (even if the Bank has been advised of the possibility of such damages) resulting from access to the site; its download or upload of any content to the site; from its use or inability to use it; or unavailability; the cost of purchasing goods and replacement services resulting from any goods, data, information or services purchased or obtained or messages received or transactions concluded through the site or from the site; unauthorized access to your data transmissions, their alteration, loss or destruction; statements or conduct of any third party on the site ; the results of the site, any site connected to it, and all documents available on these; or any other matter relating to the site.

You agree that regardless of any statute or law to the contrary, any claim or cause of action arising out of or related to use of the Site must be filed within the period of one (1) year after such claim or cause of action that arose.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The law applicable to the current Charter is Swiss law excluding the conflict of law rules.

The place of jurisdiction in the event of any dispute in respect of the website or its use is Geneva.

Contact address

For all information regarding the Bank's official website, you can send an e-mail to the following address: info@bcge.ch

If you wish to exercise your right to access and correct the personal data that concern you, you can send a written and signed request to the following address:
Banque Cantonale de Genève
Case postale 2251
CH-1211 Genève 2

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