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Security and prevention

Surfing the internet and using technological tools (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) involves risks in terms of security. With fraud techniques constantly evolving, it is essential for you to protect yourself by remaining vigilant and by systematically adopting a cautious approach. For this reason, BCGE has grouped together in this section all the useful information and recommendations that should be followed. The aim is to protect your bank data and banking operations which need to remain personal and confidential. Here, you will find the precautionary measures that should be taken in relation to cyber attacks, fraud attempts and scams. This information will help you to identify the warning signals so that you can act appropriately when confronted by suspicious occurrences which could be damaging for you or your family. These include impersonation attempts, phishing, theft of identity/session/password/data, and social engineering in particular.

Protect your access codes (password or PIN code) for the applications used and never communicate them to anybody. Only use the official applications supplied by your financial institution (BCGE website or Netbanking, for example).



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