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Libre Passage Savings Account

Libre Passage Savings Account

The libre passage account is the option that should be chosen for temporarily investing your occupational pension fund assets, while waiting to transfer the fund to a new pension scheme provider.


  • Optimum investment return
  • The capital is exempt from Wealth Tax
  • If you should die, the capital is protected and paid out to the beneficiaries in accordance with the law
  • Additional pure risk insurance cover provided by Swisscanto Safe against the risks of death and disability
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The essentials

Temporary investment of your occupational pension fund assets

The BCGE Libre Passage savings account enables you to temporarily invest your occupational pension fund assets, in line with the provisions of the decree of 3 October 1994 on the free movement (libre passage) of assets relating to pensions, dependents and incapacity - the Free Transfer Decree (OLP).

Customised packages to meet your needs

Two management options are proposed for your "free transfer" assets:
  • Your pension fund assets are credited to the libre passage account which enjoys a preferential interest rate
  • Your capital can be invested in Synchrony LPP investment fund units allowing you to benefit from better long-term performance

Protection of the capital

In the event of death, your capital is protected and paid out to the beneficiaries in accordance with the law. Libre passage assets cannot be seized, so long as they remain invested within the framework of the 2nd pillar.

Insurance cover

You can take out additional pure risk insurance cover provided by Swisscanto Safe against the risks of death and disability
Further information

An account designed for employees and freelancers

The libre passage account is designed for employees and freelancers who have amassed 2nd pillar assets and who:
  • have taken a break from paid employment (unemployment, further education, time abroad for example)
  • have changed employment and do not yet know which is their new employer's pension scheme provider
  • have assets which exceed the maximum cover provided by their new pension scheme
  • wish to manage their retirement pension capital in a different libre passage institution (the transfer of assets between libre passage institutions is authorised at all times)

Withdrawal conditions

  • You have reached the normal age for withdrawal from the AVS or are not more than 5 years before this date
  • You become self-employed or you change your self-employed income source activity (in the first year only)
  • You leave Switzerland definitively (for non-residents, when you cease all paid employment in Switzerland)
  • You receive a full federal incapacity benefit (AI)
  • You wish to finance your main residence
  • You wish to pay off a mortgage on your main residence

Guarantee on deposits

Libre passage savings benefit from the conditions under the guarantee granted to deposits.

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