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MasterCard Corporate Card

MasterCard Corporate Card

The MasterCard Corporate Card is the credit card par excellence for businesses. It opens doors for your staff all over the world, enabling them to make cash-free payments everywhere.


  • The MasterCard Corporate Card is accepted worldwide, in shops, on the internet, for ATM cash withdrawals
  • The MasterCard Corporate Card simplifies the handling of business expenditure
  • The choice is given between Silver or Gold cards, in CHF, EUR or USD
  • The card can be customised with your company's name
  • The online management tool (SmartData Online) allows the expenditure and limits of each card to be checked in real time
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The essentials

A multi-function card

The MasterCard Corporate Card is designed for large businesses (up to more than 100 cards). It is useful for paying for on-line purchases (3-D Secure security standards) or in shops, hotels, restaurants, petrol stations, etc. With the direct debit option, the user can also make withdrawals in any currency, either at automated banking machines or at bank counters, anywhere in the world. The MasterCard PayPass function enables you to make payments up to CHF 40 in total security without having to sign or enter a PIN. All you have to do is place your card in front of the retailer's reader and your payment is registered. See list of traders offering this technology at www.goodbyecash.ch.

For centralised services: office supplies or travel, a Corporate purchase or travel card can be issued for a very reasonable price. With this type of non-personalised card, your authorised departments can order and make reservations online, securely and rapidly, and automatically record the data in online reporting systems.

Open the main account with Viseca and all the cards to be allocated to staff can be set up individually: limits, currency and type of card.

The solution for all your cash flow problems

For your management and staff, there is no longer any need to give advances or reimbursements in cash and no need to order foreign currency. The process is simplified immensely; the MasterCard Corporate Card is accepted worldwide and you can monitor expenditure in real time, by cardholder, by category, with a highly efficient online management tool (SmartData Online). Your analysis of expenses is simplified.

To cater for all your needs, you have the choice between Silver cards in CHF, with the possibility of customised card design, or Gold cards available in CHF, EUR and USD.

Together with your BCGE adviser, you determine the overall limit of your card portfolio and the limit attached to each individual card. In this way you manage very precisely the level of expenditure of all your card users.

Customised design

You can customise your MasterCard Corporate Card by incorporating a line embossed with your company name. Your staff members immediately know which card to use for their business expenses and traders recognise you as the portfolio holder.

High-performance tools to monitor expenditure

SmartData Online is the internet supported expense management tool, giving a simple and up-to-date overview of each cardholder's expenses: the control is total, permanently available and operates worldwide. It allows you to analyse expenses in detail by category and to allocate them to the appropriate accounting cost centre.
Further information


BCGE MasterCard Corporate Cards are available for business clients, ideally for 10 cards minimum.

Greater transaction security

With the 3-D secure standards, you can shop online in total security. Registration is activated as soon as you make your first purchase and becomes compulsory on the third transaction.

Help at all times

As a BCGE MasterCard Corporate Cardholder, you are guaranteed protection in the event of loss or abusive use by a third party, assuming the conditions of use have been respected. In the event of an emergency, concrete help (addresses of doctors, hospitals or lawyers, payment of deposits and cash) can be provided by contacting our partner Viseca. A replacement card can be sent to a Swiss address (2 working days) or to anywhere in the world (3-6 working days).

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