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Banque Cantonale de Genève
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BCGE Crédit projet personnel

BCGE Crédit projet personnel

Accomplish your projects without breaking your budget with a personal project credit(1). With a personalised loan from 4.9%(2), you repay at the pace that suits you while maintaining your financial flexibility.


  • A preferential interest rate and very favourable conditions
  • Interest is tax-deductible
  • A loan including the renunciation of the remaining balance due in the event of death(3)
  • A bonus is paid at the end of the loan period when the loan has been fully repaid
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The essentials

BCGE crédit projet personnel

A loan to help deal with contingencies

You have unexpected expenses? A project that you have set your heart on? You’d like to take advantage of what could be a one-time opportunity, and you lack the necessary funds to fulfil it? The personal loan can help you finance the project without unbalancing your budget.

Your advantages on rates and conditions

Personal credit allows you to carry out your projects at an attractive rate. Owners of a principal residence in Switzerland benefit from a preferential rate.
Unlike some other loan products, personal loan interest is tax-deductible. The granting of a personal loan is conditional upon a BCGE Privé account being opened, with a standing order for loan repayment. If you take out a BCGE Maestro card, the first subscription will be offered.

Ease and speed of application

To help your project advance, the BCGE notifies you of its decision on granting you a personal loan within 24 hours of receipt of the documents required.

Bonus at the end of the contract

A bonus equal to 1% of the amount borrowed (excluding interest) is paid at the end of the loan period and when the loan has been fully repaid.

(1) Credit approval cannot be granted if it leads to the consumer becoming over-indebted.
(2) Rate granted to owners of a principal residence in Switzerland.
(3) See general conditions.
Further information


  • A personal loan can be granted to clients aged 18 year and over
  • Amount of the loan: minimum CHF 2,500, maximum CHF 70,000
  • Loan period: between 6 and 60 months
  • Early repayment: no penalty (except for processing charges)

Reflection period

Clients are granted a 14-day reflection period by law. On the basis of a declaration stating that the client has not exercised his right of withdrawal, the funds are made available from the 15th day thereafter.

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