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For the security of your connection and your transactions, the BCGE provides you with tools that are modern, rapid, efficient and reliable.


Depending on your requirements and the method used for BCGE Netbanking, you can choose between CrontoSign (application or independent optical reader) and SMS Connect.




CrontoSign Swiss

Optical reader CrontoSign Swiss

SMS Connect

Smartphone App to scan a cryptogram and to generate a connecting code

Optical reader to scan a cryptogram and to generate a connecting code

Reception of a SMS connecting code

Both solutions guarantee you a proven level of security for BCGE Netbanking authentication and incorporate the payment signature facility.

For the security of your connections to internet and the e-banking platforms, consult our internet pages BCGE NETBANKING – SECURITY.

CrontoSign, an efficient technological tool


    Simple and very user-friendly, CrontoSign Swiss also meets all the criteria to guarantee you a high level of security for your transactions on BCGE Netbanking (authentication and payment signature).

The use of CrontoSign is based on a scan read of a cryptogram (mosaic). The camera in your smartphone, using the CrontoSign Swiss application, analyses the image displayed on the computer screen. The application instantaneously generates a code which, when it is keyed into BCGE Netbanking, validates the authentication.

Your benefits

  • Available in the form of a free smartphone application or of an independent optical reader
  • No need to be connected to the network
  • Works for all telephone numbers (Swiss and foreign)
  • Rapid and very easy to use
  • The application is free and no charges are made for using CrontoSign
  • Security enhanced by the reliability of the authentication and the payment signature
  • The cryptogram generated is unique to each authentication and to each user

CrontoSign functionalities

CrontoSign Swiss fonctionne sous forme d'application disponible pour iPhone (dès IOS 5) et Android (dès version 2.0)


Android AppAppStore

or in the form of an independent optical reader (has to be paid for) more specifically intended for certain customer segments (for example, for use by corporate customers, or individuals who do not have a smartphone)

How to obtain CrontoSign ?

Log on to BCGE Netbanking and follow the instructions provided with the pictures.


CrontoSign is an alternative to authentication by SMS Connect which is also a very secure solution for your BCGE Netbanking operations.

SMS Connect, the rapid and reliable solution


SMS Connect gives you speed, security and is very flexible to use. It enables you to authenticate BCGE Netbanking operations with a proven level of security and validate your payments

How does SMS Connect work?

If you are already a BCGE Netbanking user:

  • Log on to BCGE Netbanking with your contract number and your password
  • When you are presented with the option, choose SMS Connect by clicking on the “now” button
  • Register your mobile phone number
  • You will receive confirmation of your registration on your mobile phone

If you are a new BCGE Netbanking user:

  • On your BCGE Netbanking contract, indicate your mobile phone number
  • The first time you log on to BCGE Netbanking, SMS Connect will automatically be activated
For further detailsDo not hesitate to get in touch with your BCGE Netbanking adviser, who will be glad to supply any further information.

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EUREUR 1.0751 cours euro en hausse
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GBPGBP1.5010 cours usd en hausse
YENYEN0.8300 cour du yen en hausse
EUR EUR Atm 1.034 
EUREUR1.0227 cours euro en hausse
USDUSD0.9254 cours usd en hausse
GBPGBP1.3635 cours usd en hausse
YENYEN0.7817 cour du yen en hausse

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