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22 branches, only one number

058 211 21 00

(Mon. to Fri. from 7.30am to 7.30pm and Sat. from 9am to 4pm)

Banque Cantonale de Genève
Quai de l'Ile 17 - CP 2251
1211 Genève 2

Fax : +41 58 211 21 99

CCP CHF12-1-2
CCP EUR91-518772-8

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SMS Connect

crontosign     SMS Connect gives you speed, security and is very flexible to use. It enables you to authenticate BCGE Netbanking operations with a proven level of security and validate your payments.

How does SMS Connect work ?

If you are already a BCGE Netbanking user:
  • Log on to BCGE Netbanking with your contract number and your password.
  • When you are presented with the option, choose SMS Connect by clicking on the “now” button.
  • Register your mobile phone number.
  • You will receive confirmation of your registration on your mobile phone.

If you are a new BCGE Netbanking user:
  • On your BCGE Netbanking contract, indicate your mobile phone number.
  • The first time you log on to BCGE Netbanking, SMS Connect will automatically be activated.

Exchange rates


EUR EUR Atm 1.124 
EUREUR 1.1355 cours euro en baisse
USDUSD1.0368 cours usd en baisse
GBPGBP1.5081 cours usd en hausse
YENYEN0.8739 cours yen en baisse
EUR EUR Atm 1.092 
EUREUR1.0801 cours euro en baisse
USDUSD0.9494 cours usd en baisse
GBPGBP1.3700 cours usd en hausse
YENYEN0.8230 cours yen en baisse

Indicative informations

Stock market prices

BCGE 270.75 0.09% cours en hausse
SMI 7,960.13 -0.54% cours en baisse
cours action bcge Data source: SIX Financial Information SA

Mortgage rates


2 years1.10%
4 years1.20%
6 years1.40%
8 years1.55%
10 years1.67%

Indicative informations

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   1211 Genève 2
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