BCGE Debit Mastercard

The BCGE Debit Mastercard is the indispensable means of payment for your purchases in shops and online as well as for withdrawing cash from ATMs, whether in Switzerland or abroad.

Shop easily anywhere in the world, in shops or online
Pay easily with Apple Pay, Google Pay™, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay™ and SwatchPAY!
Withdraw cash at all ATMs
Safeguard your payments against fraud

The essentials

The card for your everyday needs


Payment online and in shops, in Switzerland and abroad

  • With the BCGE Debit Mastercard, you can not only pay without cash in Switzerland and throughout the world, but also shop online in complete security.
  • Your purchases on the Internet are protected by "3D Secure". Confirm your payments via the One app on your mobile phone. Most online shops use this secure system. In the card settings of your One app, you can accept or block online payments under "Security"


Cash withdrawals and payments

The BCGE Debit Mastercard allows you to withdraw cash from ATMs in Switzerland and abroad.  Cash withdrawals from cantonal bank ATMs in Switzerland as well as cash deposits at BCGE ATMs are free of charge.

Contactless payment

With your BCGE Debit Mastercard, you can pay for your purchases in numerous shops in Switzerland and abroad. Amounts below CHF 80 are paid without entering a PIN. For greater security, the PIN must be entered for higher amounts.

You can manage the "contactless payment" function directly from the One app. To do this, activate or deactivate the "Contactless payment" option with the "On" or "Off" button under "Security".

Find more information on the information sheet.

How to manage your card and your spending on the One app

The One app enables you to manage your debit, credit and prepaid cards easily and securely.


Personalise the card

Thanks to the One app, you can access your BCGE Debit Mastercard and activate/deactivate the following functions as you wish:

  • Online payments
  • Geoblocking
  • Contactless payment
  • Temporarily block the card


You can also:

  • Receive notifications for online payments (after 3D Secure confirmation)
  • Sort and manage your expenses
  • Monitor your payments in real time
  • Re-order your PIN code
  • Replace a card

Digital and mobile payments

Your BCGE Debit Mastercard can be registered in wallets or on connected watches to make digital and mobile payments.


Find out more information.

Simple measures to adopt to avoid fraud

We recommend that you carefully read our security advice to avoid any risk of misuse when using your BCGE Debit Mastercard.

Further information


  • The BCGE Debit Mastercard is available to clients from the age of 12 (conditions and limits depend on the client's situation)
  • The card is free up to the age of 25


A combined offer

The functions of the new debit card are very similar to those of a credit card.  However, paying with a credit card offers you the following attractive and exclusive additional advantages:

  • Provisional reservation of amounts when renting a car or on holiday, without debiting your account
  • Insurances
  • Loyalty programme:
  • Credit option (payment in instalments)

The BCGE Debit Mastercard replaces the Maestro card

We kindly ask you to destroy your old Maestro card as soon as your new BCGE Debit Mastercard is fully activated. You can also bring it to a BCGE branch for recycling. Please note that the daily and monthly limits of your new card and your old card are cumulative until the old card is destroyed or expires.

FAQ – Debit card

The main advantage is that you can use it to pay online.

You also have the option of choosing the functions of your debit card yourself, such as:

  • Temporarily block the card
  • Activate/deactivate online payments
  • Activate/deactivate contactless payments
You will find the answer under "Combined offer".
To pay online, you must first register with the One digital service. When you order a debit card, you will automatically receive a letter describing the exact procedure. Your registration with One will be done either via your smartphone or from a computer. Please refer to the FAQ ONE below.
No. The debit card is only available for accounts in Swiss francs.

Yes, you can use the debit card abroad to:

  • withdraw cash from ATMs
  • pay in shops
  • shop online completely securely

You can download the One app free of charge for your smartphone or tablet directly from the App Store and Google Play. Scan the QR-code above to download the application directly:

The One app is free and compatible with the following mobile devices:

Apple iPhone: iOS 10.3 or later version

Apple Watch: watchOS 4.0 or later version

Android: Android 5.0.x or later version

  • BCGE Twint:         no, it is the bank account that is registered
  • Apple Pay:           yes
  • Google Pay™:       yes
  • Samsung Pay:    yes
  • Fitbit Pay:    yes
  • Garmin Pay™:       yes
  • SwatchPAY ! :    yes

You can find all the information you need if your debit card is lost or stolen at the following link:

You can find all the necessary information at the following link: