Management mandate Best of

Best of management mandate

With a Best of management mandate, you opt for a specific and structured investment strategy which captures the performance of the best companies and institutions worldwide.

A clearly defined investment philosophy

The prime objective of the Best of mandate: to capture the performance and productivity of the real economy
  • The concrete application of an efficient and disciplined investment philosophy
  • A rigorous international selection of the best shares and bonds combined in an open architecture
  • Continuous monitoring of the portfolios by our managers aimed at preserving capital and obtaining maximum yield
  • Numerous investment profiles to suit your requirements

The spearhead of high conviction asset management

Best of encompasses a wide range of discretionary mandates offering up to 24 optional individualised investment profiles.
It is a success story which has led to the birth of community of thousands of investors, united in their support of its simple and streamlined concept.

The incarnation of a concrete and pragmatic investment philosophy

Which securities should be chosen in the nebula of financial investments? How should a portfolio of assets be composed to preserve capital and aim for maximum return? A general knowledge of finance is no longer enough to structure a portfolio delivering good performance.
The combination of several areas of expertise is needed to identify, analyse, select and assemble the best securities in the investment world.
The BCGE has developed a style of management which has character and distinction. It is an investment philosophy of exceptional quality and originality, built on eight theses. We recommend that investors wishing to embark on a Best of experience read the philosophy and also take a look at the video.
Management mandate Best of

Entrust your assets to a multidisciplinary team

The BCGE works with the best international fund managers in selecting some share funds, on the basis of a grid of criteria: quality, consistency and performance. The investment choice is made independently and neutrally.
The discretionary management mandate is an important gesture of confidence. We recommend that you arrange a meeting with your personal adviser to cover all the issues involved in this commitment. An in-depth and professional discussion is the best launching pad for a joint project which will bring us together for many years.

Investment profiles perfectly suited to your requirements

The range of Best of mandates, comprising 24 investment profiles, is structured to enable you to achieve your objectives, depending on your risk tolerance profile, your time horizon and the chosen reference currency.
It is through a worldwide approach that we select the best securities, while focusing on specific geographic regions for some specialised investment profiles.
The target objectives for the asset allocations in each profile are determined on the basis of our quarterly strategy. The actual portfolio structure may deviate slightly from this due to short-term market variations or to tactical decisions.

Best of credit option

You might be considering undertaking a project or making an investment and you might have a one-off need for some extra cash?
Within the framework of Best of management mandate you can obtain a credit limit without having to sideline your investment strategy.

Clear and transparent management

With regular detailed information being sent and the application of an all-in fee, you will always have a clear view of your portfolio status.
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