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Best of management mandate

Entrust the management of your investments to specialists with the Best of discretionary management mandate.

Through a management mandate, BCGE will invest your assets in your best interests. We will manage your assets in accordance with the investment strategy you select when creating an investor risk profile and in accordance with the type of mandate you choose and its asset allocation strategy. Throughout the duration of your mandate, BCGE will adapt your portfolio’s risk level to your chosen strategy to ensure that it remains in line with your profile.

Available from CHF 50,000, Best of offers a wide range of profiles to meet the needs of most investors.

A mandate frees you from the tasks of managing your portfolio, allowing you to devote your time to the things that matter most to you.

We also offer further investment management options:

  • Execution only: with our 1816 online trading platform at your disposal, you decide on your investments with complete independence.
  • Junction advisory mandate:  your adviser, supported by BCGE experts, will recommend a range of investments depending on your needs, wishes and investor risk profile. You will remain in control of all investment decisions, whether initial or following new proposals.

BCGE’s investment philosophy is founded on eight key principles:

  1. Finance is an applied art and not only a quantitative technique
  2. Performance is produced by the real economy and its companies
  3. Good asset allocation is the result of making critical choices
  4. The best investment stocks are found thanks to an open architecture
  5. A high level of diversification increases return and reduces risk
  6. A simple structure makes a portfolio more resilient
  7. The investor determines his objectives, his time horizon and his risk tolerance
  8. It's the investment philosophy that determines portfolio performance, not the size of the bank or the individual talent of its managers
  • BCGE's investment strategy is based on a top-down approach, which consists of determining the main economic trends in order to derive forecasts concerning main financial variables (interest rates, equity markets, currencies).
  • These forecasts in turn affect how assets are allocated among the asset classes in current use (equities, bonds, money market investments).
  • Within each asset class, allocation is essentially based on geographical, currency and sector criteria.
  • The investment strategy is reviewed at least once every quarter. Its forecast horizon ranges from three to twelve months.
  • Bonds are selected according to the quality of the borrowers.
  • Equity investments are made through investment funds, selected on the market according to a totally open architecture principle. The BCGE Group therefore delegates to the best external managers the task of selecting the best equities available on the market.
  • The funds selected are primarily actively managed in order to generate additional performance relative to their benchmark index.
  • We engage in construction and monitoring of 'pockets' of different asset classes within standard portfolios, according to risk profile.
  • We centrally manage client portfolios, which ensures that they are set up and monitored in a harmonised manner.
  • Performance is monitored on a continual basis.
  • The fees for Best of mandates are either charged in the form of a flat fee covering all activities related to the management of your mandate (all-in fee), or according to the performance of your mandate (depending on the amount and profile).
  • You will receive detailed information on a regular basis, whether on market developments and how your Best of portfolio is performing in comparison, or the quarterly performance of your mandate (net of fees).
  • Your adviser will be in touch with you regularly and will be at your disposal for any questions you may have or in case your circumstances change, as well as to arrange a meeting for an annual review.
  • Founded in October 2001, the Best of brand has demonstrated its resilience through tough times.
  • More than 6,500 clients hold a Best of mandate.
  • We can find out what kind of investor you are just by having you answer a few questions. Some of these questions are required by current regulations (FinSA). Your answers will be kept only if you subscribe to a Best of mandate and during the mandatory data retention period.
  • We are committed to investing at your side.
  • We will propose the mandate profile best suited to your needs.

BCGE Group's Investment Philosophy

Management mandate Best of