Duo offer: Take advantage of it now!

1 debit card + 1 credit card: the simple, low-cost, practical and secure Duo for all your payments.

Advantageous: Get your debit card and your credit card free of charge in the first year. And pay only half price for your credit card in the following years

SimplePay easily online or with your smartphone

Secure: Protect your payments

ConvenientEasily manage your 2 cards online on the “One” app

The essentials

The debit and credit card: the right combination

  • The debit card: for your everyday needs
  • The credit card: for reservations, insurance, additional services and if you need credit

A combined offer

The debit card is very convenient for your everyday purchases. However, paying with a credit card offers the following additional advantages:

  • Provisional reservation of amounts when renting a car or on holiday, without debiting your account
  • Numerous insurance benefits when travelling and shopping
  • Surprize loyalty programme
  • Credit option (payment in instalments) subject to approval
  • Separate monthly invoice

The Duo offer includes:

BCGE Privé account in CHF is the basis for your day-to-day transactions: receiving your salary, making your payments. Money is at your disposal for your day-to-day life. Any surplus money can be transferred to your savings account and to investments. It is an indispensable account with highly competitive conditions.

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With Netbanking you can make your payments, consult your accounts or execute your stock market transactions. It is easy to consult your account balances and make payments at a lower cost.

  • Check the balance of your accounts
  • Track your account movements, with detailed information on each transaction
  • Make your payments easily by using the online assistance
  • Create templates or standing orders to simplify your payments
  • Use e-Bill to receive, check and pay invoices directly via Netbanking

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With the Duo offer, your debit card is free of charge the 1st year.

BCGE Debit Mastercard, ideal for your day-to-day purchases

  • Pay for your purchases all over the world and online
  • Withdraw cash from all ATMs
  • Withdraw cash free of charge from the vast network of cantonal bank ATMs
  • Pay easily with Apple Pay, Google Pay™, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay™ and SwatchPAY!
  • Protect yourself against fraud

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BCGE credit card, numerous advantages for shopping and travelling

If you pay for your purchases with your credit card, you have numerous advantages:

  • your electronic devices are insured for an extra year thanks to the extended guarantee*
  • you always get the best deal thanks to the best price guarantee*
  • travel cancellation and interruption insurance* reimburses you for any costs incurred

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Order your Duo offer now and get a debit card and Silver credit card in CHF at no cost for the first year. You'll only pay half price for the Silver card in following years.