How to efficiently secure your import and export transactions

The sale of goods and services outside Switzerland is by its very nature complex and subject to certain hazards that must be anticipated. We help companies that operate internationally to secure their transactions.

Choosing the right transaction structure

For any company operating internationally, understanding how to protect and facilitate your flow of goods and payments is essential. Getting advice from an experienced professional can help you identify your company’s best option from a range of choices: documentary credits and collections, bank guarantees, forward foreign exchange transactions and even insurance solutions. Banque Cantonale de Genève's specialists are available to work with you to identify the right financial instrument for your company.  We begin by analysing the commercial and banking partners involved, the risks inherent in the countries concerned, and the transaction structure to identify the most suitable ImeXbking instrument.

Our international network

As an expert in foreign trade for over 20 years, BCGE puts its experience in foreign markets and its knowledge of different business sectors at the service of companies with imports and exports. We are part of a dense network of partners comprising 400 banking establishments in 50 countries, an active network that is constantly being evaluated, offering industrial and commercial operators better risk control.

What are the key criteria for successful operations?

Flexibility and agility are essential. A rapid response when confirming letters of credit, for example, is a major advantage in a business characterised by risk control and urgency. To achieve this objective, the Bank offers companies an individualised service based on a direct link with their relationship manager.

Thanks to our  ImeXbking  services, companies can secure merchant payments and deliveries in a complex international environment, through options tailored to their target markets and to the specific features of each business sector. As a result, company leaders can focus on the core business and international expansion.