ForXchange by BCGE

ForXchange by BCGE

BCGE's ForXchange platform is designed to fit the needs of companies carrying out foreign exchange transactions. It ensures autonomous and secure execution of the foreign exchange transactions.

A foreign exchange solution allowing real-time execution

A tool that immediately posts foreign exchange transactions to the account

A platform offering an extended panel of order types to fit the needs of most companies


Online Access

Many companies, no matter the size, deal with foreign currencies when they are active beyond their borders or when they import and export products and services.  ForXchange by BCGE is an innovative solution adapted to corporate transactions.  Companies have access to real time interbank liquidity and have it delivered on their accounts under BCGE conditions.


A competitive platform

ForXchange by BCGE processes the most widely traded currency pairs on the foreign exchange market, including the Swiss franc, the euro, the dollar (US and Canadian), the pound sterling and the Japanese yen, as well as precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium). Orders are executed in real time and are immediately posted to your accounts.  With ForXchange, you benefit from one of the best current exchange rates depending on the transaction and your user profile. 

Real-time execution of your spot, forward and swap transactions

Exchange rates are the result of the simultaneous purchase and sale of two separate currencies called "currency pairs". They reflect the economic context, interest rate developments, international trade and speculative activity. Real-time access to market exchange rates allows you to take advantage of their variations. You can also protect yourself against possible adverse price movements by hedging.  This helps you to manage your exchange rate risks more easily.

Posted directly to your BCGE account

As opposed to online brokers, BCGE allows you to post your foreign exchange transactions directly to your BCGE accounts. To buy or sell one currency against another, you simply need to have accounts in each of these currencies with our bank. You can use the available amounts (cash and credit) to carry out your transactions.  In addition, you instantly have an overview of your spot transactions from your online solutions in Netbanking. 

Autonomy, speed and flexibility

Easy to use, the platform is modular and adapted to your needs; in order to view the best offered exchange rates and buy the underlying liquidity, you just select the currency pair, the amount and the delivery date that concerns you.

You can access ForXchange directly from your client area integrated into your Netbanking. You only need to log in once and there is no need for any installations. The ForXchange environment can also be shared between several Netbanking users.
The platform provides powerful and customisable transaction tracking. In addition, it offers an optimised interface and easier navigation.

Further information

Available currencies and metals

Name of the currency Symbol Name of the currency Symbol
Swiss franc
Danish krone1
Hong Kong dollar1
US dollar
Norwegian krone1
Pound sterling
New Zealand dollar1
Japanese yen
Swedish krona1
Australian dollar1
Singapore dollar1
Canadian dollar
South African rand1
¹ On request from your adviser

Depending on market practice, our entire range of precious metals can be traded in ounces against USD via precious metal accounts.
Precious metals Symbol Precious metals Symbol

Possible operations

Spot transaction* Forward outright transaction Swap transactions** Limit orders
Buying or selling one currency against another: 
  • at the market rate
  • at a defined rate (standing order)
Buying or selling one currency against another at the market rate.

Deferred delivery date, requiring a limit for forward foreign exchange transactions.
Back and forth transaction mixing either spot and term transactions or only term transactions. These are meant for:
  • modifying the delivery of a spot or forward transaction
  • making instant use of forward guaranteed currency amounts
Purchase or sale of a currency against another at a predefined price. ForXchange monitors the market 24 hours a day, 5 days a week for automatic execution if the price is reached.
* In standard market practice, a spot transaction is posted immediately with a maturity of 2 business days. According to the currencies and market liquidity, the ForXchange platform enables you to have same-day or one-day maturities.
** Swap points are the difference between the two currencies interest rate spreads on the holding period.

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For all technical questions concerning use of the forex platform, our helpline is available from Sunday midnight to Friday 7.30 pm.
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