Safe deposit boxes

Safe deposit boxes

A whole range of safe deposit boxes enables you to put your most valuable possessions and documents into safe-keeping.

A highly secure environment for the most valuable possessions
A very wide choice of safe deposit boxes, various sizes and dimensions depending on your needs.
The safe deposit box offer is available in most of our branches, so is close at hand when you need it
For access, a lot of flexibility and guaranteed confidentiality

The essentials

Security for your most valuable possessions

If you rent a safe deposit box in one of our BCGE branches, you can leave your home or office with total peace of mind. Your most valuable possessions are protected, in a highly secure environment.


A vast choice depending on your requirements

You choose your safe deposit box based on what you want to store in it: documents, electronic storage media, jewellery or paintings. We have the safe deposit box format which corresponds to your needs. 

Very attractive rental fees

With the vast choice of safe deposit boxes available, you will certainly find the one you need and so will only pay for the service you use. If you need a larger safe deposit box, just ask our branch staff.

Free access to your valuables

You have access to your safe deposit box during branch opening hours in complete confidentiality.

Further information

An optimised and highly comprehensive service

Rental contracts are for a minimum 12-month period. Renewal is automatic. The contract can be terminated as of the annual renewal date. The rental fees for your safe deposit box are debited at the opening; then each year on the same date. The rental contract is linked to an account for payment of the annual fee. For safe deposit boxes rented in our Ile branch, you can also deposit your keys there. A joint rental facility is available, for example for businesses.