BCGE Business link

Business link is the ideal solution to create a direct link between your company's financial software and BCGE.

A direct and secure connection with BCGE
An efficient solution for exchanging large volumes of financial data
A tool to optimise your payments and the financial management of your company

The essentials

Business link allows you to optimise your payments (payment orders in xml format, payment slip receipts, etc.) and your company's cash management thanks to a direct link with the BCGE. It is the efficient solution for a company that exchanges large volumes of financial data

Carry out all your cash management operations and simplify your financial processes

  • Transfer your payment files and monitor their status (pain.001 and pain.002 formats)
  • Transfer payment orders in Switzerland or abroad
  • Consult your account statements with detailed information about your transactions (camt. 053)
  • Import payment slip files to optimise accounting reconciliation

Manage your electronic payment files

As a company with a high volume of payments, you have the possibility to place electronic orders by file transfer, in xml format. 
Issuing payment files makes it possible to securely transfer payment data between companies and BCGE; a file is transferred directly from the company's accounting software to Netbanking and Business link.

Consolidate capital flows for an entire group into a single format

The multi-bank function of Business link contributes to precision management of the company's liquidity. This fully automated solution ensures state-of-the-art processing of your transactions, avoids the risks caused by duplicate entries and thus helps preserve the environment by eliminating paper.

Further information

What you need

Connection to Business link is simple and logical. What you need:
  • A BCGE account
  • A Business link user contract
  • A computer with internet connection
  • A cash management software from a third party supplier
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