Telephone, electricity, insurance or credit card invoices: with eBill, you no longer receive your invoices by post or e-mail, but digitally, via your Netbanking. You receive your invoices where you pay them!

Simple: no need to enter or scan your payment slips. No risk of error
Secure: only invoices from trustworthy sources
Quick: pay your invoices on time, in one click. Or automatically, to save even more time

The essentials

How to register for the eBill service? 

If you are a new eBill user, you must register from your Netbanking : 

1. Log in to BCGE Netbanking

2. Activate eBill from the homepage

3. Register on the eBill portal

You can then search for the required invoice issuers and register directly.

How to receive and pay your invoices?

You can change the amount and execution date before validating with a simple click.
If there are any errors, you can also refuse payment. The invoice issuer will then be informed of your refusal.

Further information

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