Personal project loan

Personal project loan

Carry out your projects or alleviate your temporary financial difficulties with our private loan at an attractive rate.

An interest rate of 7.40%

Interest paid is deductible from taxable income

A loan including the renunciation of the remaining balance due in the event of death

The payment of a cash-bonus at the end of the loan period when the loan has been fully repaid

The essentials

Financing your projects

Do you have a project that is close to your heart or an immediate need for cash flow? You can make it happen simply and flexibly with the personal loan.

Ease and speed of execution

To assist you in your project, BCGE will inform you of its decision on granting you a personal loan within 24 hours of receiving the required documents.

Bonus at the end of the contract

A cash-bonus corresponding to 1% of the amount borrowed (excluding interest) is paid to you at the end of the loan period and when the loan has been fully repaid.

Further information


  • Subscription from the age of 18
  • Loan amount: minimum CHF 2'500, maximum CHF 70’000
  • Duration: From 6 to 60 months
  • Early repayment: no penalty (except processing fee)
  • Cash-bonus: at the end of the contract the client may request a cash-bonus of 1% within 3 months after payment of the last monthly instalment, provided that:
    • No early repayment
    • Payment of the client's full salary into an account with BCGE throughout the loan period
    • No late payment of monthly personal loan instalments (no overdraft on this account during the entire period of the loan)
    • No overruns
  • A loan will not be granted if it causes the consumer to become over-indebted

Revocation period

The Federal Law on Consumer Credit grants the client a 14-day reflection period. Provided that the client certifies that he has not exercised his right of revocation, the funds are released on the 15th day.